Mar. 18th, 2013

I just walked home in the rain with the girls from upstairs. Clacking down a big hill in my black heels struggling with my umbrella was not fun, but it was completely worth the night and all those preceding it. Tomorrow is my first day of work, and I spent tonight drinking at a "British pub" and an izakaya with fellow teachers and personnel (aka our bosses), discussing how teaching isn't that hard once you get started and isn't that Alex fellow just so dreamy and kissing a boy who leaves for a town about an hour and a half away tomorrow. Yesterday was an at home relaxing waste of a day, but the day previous I did much the same, but stayed out until 5:30am and walked home in the quiet hours as the sun came up. I drank probably twice as much, hit on Mr. Silver Fox and was graciously rejected but praised by my coworkers for my balls, had my hair described as "fabulous" by a trainer who just got more and more flamboyant as the evening went on, made out in a friend's hotel room bathroom (with Mr. Leaving Tomorrow), and then trudged home with my Kids' Class Trainer and a few others in tow.

Tokyo is debauchery. Tokyo is kissing and nothing coming of it but smiles and a vague loneliness. Tokyo is new people and solitude. Tokyo is strange weather. Tokyo is amazing.



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