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Today is my second day at the Burlingame library. It's weird doing straight page work; it's what I did all through college, and it feels like a step backwards even though I know it isn't. There are middle age lady pages, girls and guys my age, some old ladies. It's just entry level, and I guess I don't really feel entry level. But it's like my 3.5 years in college don't matter anymore, they're too long ago. Now it's just that I've been at Redwood City for 7 months. Which entitles me to the high pay (for a page) but not any of the juicy work. I have no idea what the qualifications for an assistant are at this point honestly. Like, a lot of the assistants are older people who must have years of related work experience, but not all of them are. Like Jeremy's friend Gab! He didn't even go to college, how did he land the job I'm coveting? Ugh. Just have to keep applying and racking up these years of experience points I guess. Hopefully being in library school will help too?? Who knows.

Library school is funhard. Like, our project this quarter, on top of regular essays and reading, is to compile a database of 50 entries, 35 of which have to be books. So we have to read at least 35 YA books, plus our textbooks, and then summarize and write short critiques about why they deserve to be in our collection. Fun right? But so much in such a short span. And we're mostly being judged on our diversity of subjects, so I can't just write up the 1,001 vampire romance novels I've read. It's a really fun project, but it's a little daunting to do in a month and a half. Especially because this is something I WANT to do and think is important, so I'm putting a lot of pressure on myself to be genuinely diverse. #weneedsiversebooks and all that. Mostly I'm having a hard time coming up with books that have male protags. I don't want to read about boys, ugh.

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