Sep. 18th, 2009 10:00 pm
'Sup kids.

So I just finished the Vampire Diaries books. Omg? So good. I tried reading them once before, towards the end of high school, but I think I was in too realistic a phase to accept the fact that they fall in lurrrrrrrve almost immediately upon meeting. This always kind of bothers me (except in the Night World series, because there is a magical excuse for love at first sight), but once I got over that I really, really enjoyed it. Her writing is really engaging, though admittedly written for a young adult audience. I love love her characters, and her plots, and just everything. Also, wow, I can totally see where my writing style came from. Her books were my favorite things evarrr during my formative years, so my writing is her writing plus a little Francesca Lia Block. Also, her vampire mythologies are what I take as "normal", even though they're totally romance novel vampires, not horror vampires. HOWEVER! These books were genuinely creepy. Especially the last two.

GUYS I JUST HNNNNNNN I LOVE THESE BOOKS SO MUCH AND I'M ALL STUCK IN LJ SMITH VAMPIRES AND WITCHES WORLD. It's even making me want to watch the show which, so far? Not so great. Although, more sex and Ian Somerhalder as Damon. In my mind, a gothed out Chace Crawford is Damon, but they look a lot like each other, so I'm cool. Although Elena is supposed to be blonde, not brunette, and Bonnie is supposed to be a pixie-like redhead druid descendent, not an African-American Salem witch descendent. NOT THAT I CARE ABOUT CHANGES, I hate being one of those people, I'm going to enjoy the show for what it is, which is a sexy vampire show with some hot dudes.

Although, speaking of Elena turning into a brunette...the show is both trying to be and trying to move away from Twilight. The book is shockingly like Twilight for the first like 2/3 or so, before it deviates some. Of course, it was published in 1991 whereas Twilight was published in 2005 soo...yeah. Stephanie Meyer claims she's never read vampire books, but I dunno. Anyway, the show is definitely trying to LOOK like Twilight, with the way the characters themselves are styled and such, but it's changed the plot around a lot, so I'm thinking they realize the intense similarities and don't want everyone calling it a rip off.

ANYWAYS, YOU GUYS SHOULD BUY EVERY BOOK LJ SMITH HAS EVER WRITTEN. YOU CAN FIND THEM HERE. The Night World series is her best, imo, but Vampire Diaries and Dark Visions are both really good, too. They're all amazing, but those are my favorites. So if you like young adult vampire romance that still has come creepiness? READ LJ SMITH!

Okay, I'm done now.
Awkward library find of the day: note that says "Dear Amy, don't get so mad at me when I try to help you. I ordered you these skin supplements as well so hope they help as I know the next period is going to be stressful for you, big hugs and kisses, Mom." Not that awkward, but I always feel weirdly voyeuristic when I read notes left in library books. Also, "Mom", if "Amy" is getting mad at you for helping, I don't think telling her she has bad skin is going to help, lol.

Saw Harry Potter last night with Trevor. That movie was filled with so much awkwardness, but I loved it. Yeah, they left stuff out and there was stuff I didn't like (how they handled the Half Blood prince thing, romance resolution, the way the Death Eaters left Hogwarts), but I really enjoyed it overall and felt like they did a good job of balancing the light romantic silliness with the heaviness of what was "really" going on. But I still don't ship Harry/Ginny, sorry. Harry/Luna, ftw. Also kind of Snape/Draco? Which was weird for me because I totally didn't see it in the books, but in the movie...mmmm. And Draco cried in the bathrooms like an emo kid, which I was waiting for through the whole movie. :D

Next up is Comic Con which I am getting more and more excited for. There aren't a ton of panels I want to go to, but there are enough and it will be so awesome to have people I know there!

Oh, and does anyone have any good book recommendations for me? I like books about female characters, that aren't too sad or written before 1900. Other than that, I'm open.


Feb. 10th, 2009 08:47 pm
blah blah blah )

In other news, midterms. Can't study. Try to study, just doesn't work. End up taking pictures of myself and posting them on LJ.

Also, reading "Stuff White People Like" in book form, though there is a website which came first. Very funny. Very much about the liberal d-bags kind of white people who populate Santa Cruz. Makes me feel white, but what're you gonna do.


Nov. 13th, 2007 10:44 pm
I had a crappy day today, but I made it up to myself by hiding away in my room and finishing the Subtle Knife. It's the second in the His Dark Materials series and has made me dizzyingly excited for the Golden Compass to come out. Althought I am starting to see all the religious fuss about it.

I hate the time change. It was so abrupt and by the time I leave my house, it feels like late afternoon already. I see nothing of the sun. And while I am by no means a large fan of the sun, I have to get out in it occasionally, or face the dreaded seasonal affective disorder. I can feel it coming on already.

I need the Amber Spyglass. I need to see what happens to Lyra. I need to know if she joins in this fight to kill God.


Apr. 16th, 2007 11:06 pm
emilie_rainbow: (lost girl)
Today we signed up for housing, but I don't really want to live on-campus anymore. I'm not married to the idea of a house like Elena is, it's just that it's (surprisingly) cheaper to live off campus and I'd only have to live with 3 other people instead of 5. Not that I don't like Kym or Nicole, but it sure would be nice if just me, Karen, Courtney, and Elena could find a place. A house. With a yard. And four bedrooms, which is where things start getting rough. I want a single, Elena wants a single, and I know Karen and Courtney do too even though they won't say it. We'll probably just end up living on campus, but it's fun to think about having a house.

I think this is mostly from me reading Little Women. All I can think is "Gee, I want to get married and have a little home with my love just like Meg!" which is, I think, not who you're supposed to want to be like. Jo is the protagonist and all but...I identify more with Meg. And Jo gets tamed eventually, too.

I still have 150-ish pages to go by noon tomorrow. Soooo not going to happen, unfortunately.

no cal

Nov. 2nd, 2006 09:48 pm
If you have never watched the OC before, definitely don't start now. It has gotten way too far beyond ridiculous. Ryan...he's a cage fighter now. Because he's all sad an nihilistic. WHATEVER.

So, instead of watching that...nonsense, I'm going to read a vampire book in the semi-dark and listen to the rain. Because I'm anti-social Because I just can't handle cage fighting.



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