Back from comic-con. Camera died on the first day and thus have only a few pics which are on my cell phone and thus low quality and to be uploaded at a later date.


Up close: Juliet from Lost, Elijah Wood (!), Kevin Sorbo, Hurley from Lost, Jayne from Firefly, Lou Ferrigno.

Fairly Close: DAVID TENNAT OMFGGGGG, Kevin Smith.

Far Away: Johnny Depp, Mila Kunis, Tim Burton, Joss Whedon, Eliza Dukshu, bunch of other famous people, who cares.

Footage/trailers: Alice in Wonderland, Iron Man 2, Doctor Who, Dollhouse, that's all I can remember.

Didn't see: Avatar footage, Amanda Palmer, Twilight. :(((( (basically my Thursday SUCKED)

It was fun overall, but I'm not sure I'm willing to pony up the $20 increase and shell out $100 for next year. It doesn't even really feel like a geek event anymore, it's mostly people who want to see new movies and famous people. The comic geeks are still there, but it's like comic geeks and then normals, with a few of us general geek stragglers in between. Also, omgwtf wayyyyy too crowded. It's gone from you should show up an hour early for a panel to you NEED to show up 2 hours early or you're not getting in. And forget about panels in the smaller, semi-popular rooms. Those are impossible.

...the hot girl at my work just felt it necessary to inform me that there is going to hot lesbian action on Heroes and Dollhouse next season. She is a lesbian...I think she's super she hitting on me? Wishful thinking? idk.

And just a quick update on Joel and me, if you care. We're doing...okay, we're going to work it out, but we're not great and we're not on stable ground. We're both going to try to make things better, but keep our options and plan for all eventualities. We'll see.

But I'm not miserable anymore, so that's good. :)
About ten minutes after I posted that last entry, Joss Whedon sat down right in front of me. Like, RIGHT in front of me. I almost had a heart attack.

Day Three: Heroes, Tite Kubo, Pineapple Express, Masquerade... )

Day Four was just Exhibit Hall Day, aside from a screening of the Buffy musical. Pretty chill. We had good, authentic sushi for dinner then watched the beginning of Shark Week on Discovery.

Overall, it was amazing, of course, but you could really tell it was sold-out. It felt crowded, especially coming from AX and Fanime which are pretty tiny. There are also a lot less of the faithful; the people who are really into stuff. Lot more people who just wanted to see famous folks or heard it was like "the thing to do". :(

I'll still go next year though. Of course. Now it's all about Japan. Ahhhh.
Preview Night: omfg, loooong line to get our badges. Looooooooooon line. Watched pilot for Fringe...looks interesting. Our hotel is pretty swanky, but is ripping us off for parking.

Day One: Stan Lee, Doctor Who, Twilight )

Day Two: Watchmen, JOSS, Family Guy, Panel o' Dudes, Avatar... )

Now I'm waiting to Stargate Atlantis to end so Dr. Horrible can start. I'm really close to the panel so if joss comes? Oh Em Gee, I will be able to actually SEE him. EEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

Its been a long day, I haven't eaten in awhile and we're here til midnight but god do I love this.
I hate it when LJ goes away. :(

I've been packing for comic-con and it's sort of giving me trouble. Part of me wants to dress super cute and all "I am not nerdy like all y'all!" but the other part of me is like "OMGz Star wars tshirt and HP tshirt and Mario tshirt..." I can't quite decide which half to listen to, so I'm trying for something bright, cutesy and in between. To give you an idea: nothing I am bringing is just one color and I'm bringing at least one of my Hello Kitty medallions.

Now for the important stuff like HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS. My icon is kind of a spoiler, so I'm sorry if you haven't read it, but it'll be really funny once you have. Even Joel laughed and he never finds my fandom lulz humorous.

Just in case you haven't read...HERE THERE BE SPOILERS! )

Now I'm just having fun reading about people freaking out on fandom_wank. Overall, I thought it was spectacular (except maybe the epilogue), and I have to specifically not remember that it is the last one because that is just too sad.

Time to finish packing. :)


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