ALA was mostly...not boring, exactly, but just quiet. Went to bed early-ish most nights because I had a cold, just wandered around, spent some time watching Tangled cuz why not, enjoyed chillin' with friendlies.

Then Saturday night. Saturday. Night.

Right as we're about to head out, the Pokemon Men randomly showed up at a door saying they'd been directed to OUR room, in particular, to put on a show.


And they they left and we had no idea how or why that happened. After that we went to the super lame dance, talked to a bunch of people, and then befriended the Aang who we see all the time and who always looks so happy! His name was Alvin and he let/made/we-were-drunk-and-sometimes-stuff-just-happens us pet his smooth legs, which he'd shaved for his costume. We also befriended Gaston! Who sang! And then Alvin invited us to talk to Sokka (who was fun Sokka we also see all the time!) and we all chatted and then all of the sudden they wanted us to grab their butts? A lot? Why so much ass this evening? I was 100% okay with it, happy even, but again WHAT IS HAPPENING, THE AVATAR IS MAKING ME GRAB SOKKA (WHO WAS WEARING A KIGU YET STILL DISTICNTLY SOKKA)'S BUTT. How did I end up grabbing these dudes' butts. What is life.

They sadly did not know parties, so eventually we just wandered away and ended up at a suite party being thrown by a voice actor? Apparently? I dunno, I got tired and went home cuz it was kind of lame and what was going to top so much butt grabbing.
I am getting way, way too excited to Fanime. Way too excited. But! I am also very nervous for some reason. Well, for three reasons.

1) Jeremy's costume isn't done
2) I desperately NEED to look my very best for Maki & Asuka/Kera/The GLB.
3) This is the first time I've room stuffed.

Jeremy SAYS he'll get his shit done, but there's still a lot to do on his swords. My outfits for fancy French event will hopefully be finalized tonight, so maybe I'll stop having dreams where everyone laughs at me or I forget all my Lolita clothes or I'm running horrifically late. And for room's a king bed, which is supposed to be 2 people occupancy, but the website said 4 people when I signed up. We have 6, which isn't over much, but I still get nervous about these sorts of things! I'm not much of a rule breaker. :X

Mostly I'm excited, though. Mostly.


May. 22nd, 2010 09:34 am
+ Today I am seeing the GLEE cast LIVE in concert in LA. ZOMG so excited. Also, I'm staying at my friends and she's in the shower right now, listening to N*sync, lol.

+ FANIME IS IN LESS THAN A WEEK ASDFGHJKL;! I am RIDICULOUSLY excited. Last night I had a dream that I left my Lolita stuff in Santa Cruz though, and I was very stressed out. I also missed the first VIP event in the dream and I cried because it. T_T

+ SPEAKING of Lolita, OMG FANTAISIES DANS LE WHATEVER THE HELL IT'S CALLED. I was already excited just generally cuz omg the GLB and Kera, but now I have a VIP ticket and ahhhhhh. I need to plan out my outfits! And put together my hime loli outfit for the fashion show. I have to work on making it less sweet...hmmmm.

+ I am SO excited to cosplay One Piece with my brother, his GF, and Jeremy! (Although Jeremy's Zoro costume is not even close to done and I'm starting to stress about it. D:) Also, my Luffy is kind of shit compared to my bro and his GF's Sanji and Nami. And I'm a little worried about doing a really basic rule 63 at a big con like Fanime...I'm worried people with judge me ;_;

+After Fanime I have to start working on my final projects for school...ugh. But then Jeremy's birthday! But then...holy, shit, I am graduating from college and my boyfriend is going away for 2 months to live in another country. I do not know what the emoticon for this feeling is.
Somehow I managed to miss the announcement about Oneesan's event at fanime! Who else is excited? And who else wants to go? $65 ain't bad, especially since I was going to fanime anyway so it's not like PMX where I had to decide if the entry AND the con badge AND the hotel were worth it. And this time I shouldn't be so distracted by boys! So excited!

Next quarter and summer are really looking up. Taking 2 easy and exciting classes (a Disney class and a Sociology of popular culture class) that start late monday and don't happen friday, so I basically have a four day weekend. Wondercon, Fanime, this Lolita event, graduation (urg), gonna meet Jeremy's parents, then spending most of summer at home relaxing, plus Anime Expo, one day of Comic Con, and Lady Gaga and possibly Green Day/AFI. Add to that a few exciting movies (Iron Man! Eclipse!) and once my finals are over (tomorrow at 10!), life is gonna be pretty sweet.

...of course I still have to make it through today. Went to bed at 3 last night, up at 6:30 for 8 AM "final" I'm still at, have two 3-5 pag papers to write today, then work from 11 to 2 AM, and I have to get up at like 9 or so to turn my paper in at 10. Sigh. But I soldier on, cuz after that it's my BIRTHDAY and then, like I said, life will become sweeeeet.

sup guys

Oct. 29th, 2009 09:47 pm

How you doin'.

Yaoi-Con is tomorrow and I: have not packed, have not finished Luffy costume (still need binding tape and finishing touches on hat), have not printed out my survey business cards, have not bought snack food, or basically done ANYTHING in preparation.

Am I going to do any of this tonight? No. I am going to curl up and watch Buffy because it is cold, I am tired, and worn out.

But I'm very excited for tomorrow, it's the first step towards the new me.

Wish me luck. :)
Angelic Pretty Event at PMX

And the next Weekend....

Hello Kitty Art and Fashion Happening

Frrrrrrick. Here I was thinking, oh good, there's nothing AP related happening at PMX this year, so I don't have to worry about getting myself a ticket and getting down there. And then, a MONTH before the frickin event, they announce an AP Tea Party/Boutique/Fashion Show! The weekend before Julia and I were thinking about trying to go to the Hello Kitty event at Royal/T! My love for Angelic Pretty and my love for Hello Kitty must duke it out and I really do not know who shall come out victorious.

I should ttly just go to both.

No! That is expensive and ridiculous, you cannot make the 6 hour drive to LA two weekends in a row!


Back from comic-con. Camera died on the first day and thus have only a few pics which are on my cell phone and thus low quality and to be uploaded at a later date.


Up close: Juliet from Lost, Elijah Wood (!), Kevin Sorbo, Hurley from Lost, Jayne from Firefly, Lou Ferrigno.

Fairly Close: DAVID TENNAT OMFGGGGG, Kevin Smith.

Far Away: Johnny Depp, Mila Kunis, Tim Burton, Joss Whedon, Eliza Dukshu, bunch of other famous people, who cares.

Footage/trailers: Alice in Wonderland, Iron Man 2, Doctor Who, Dollhouse, that's all I can remember.

Didn't see: Avatar footage, Amanda Palmer, Twilight. :(((( (basically my Thursday SUCKED)

It was fun overall, but I'm not sure I'm willing to pony up the $20 increase and shell out $100 for next year. It doesn't even really feel like a geek event anymore, it's mostly people who want to see new movies and famous people. The comic geeks are still there, but it's like comic geeks and then normals, with a few of us general geek stragglers in between. Also, omgwtf wayyyyy too crowded. It's gone from you should show up an hour early for a panel to you NEED to show up 2 hours early or you're not getting in. And forget about panels in the smaller, semi-popular rooms. Those are impossible.

...the hot girl at my work just felt it necessary to inform me that there is going to hot lesbian action on Heroes and Dollhouse next season. She is a lesbian...I think she's super she hitting on me? Wishful thinking? idk.

And just a quick update on Joel and me, if you care. We're doing...okay, we're going to work it out, but we're not great and we're not on stable ground. We're both going to try to make things better, but keep our options and plan for all eventualities. We'll see.

But I'm not miserable anymore, so that's good. :)
Oh man, AX was so fun. Like, there were definitely down moments (waiting in line, someone stealing our cow plushie, the whole stupid masquerade), and I wish I was there with more people (not that my brother wasn't an awesome con partner cuz he was!), but it was just SUCH a good time. I love cons in general so much, and AX is just so epic.

On to the OMG MASSIVE PICTURE POST! (but with cute commentary!) )

I love random cosplay pics. A lot of people took our pictures, too! Not like a ridiculous amount, but we were definitely recognized by a lot of people. My brother is all excited about cosplay now, too, so we were like coming up with everything we could think of to do together. He desperately wants to do Gourry from Slayers, but aside from that we were thinking humanoid Mew and Mewtwo and the Normals from Evangelion (Joel as Touji, Me as Hikari aka Class Rep, and KC as Kensuke).

Aside from cosplay...bought some posters, pins, jewelry, just the usual. Got an Anya from Geass cellphone strap and the littlest Nia for my sidekick, so that was sweet. KC got an Asuka figurine that we searched the whole exhibit hall for three days for. Umm...saw Anime Last Comic Standing, which was surprisingly funny. Also Whose Line is it Anime, which was funny too, but a bit repetitive with the 4chan jokes. Lots of things were over 9000 and such. Watched a screening of the Gurren Lagann movie! That was friggin sweet, that movie is so goddamn epic and watching it with a huge crowd who were all super into it was amazing. So much cheering. Also learned that Nia wears white g-string panties from the like head director guy, but I don't think I shall be including that in my cosplay plans. Oh, the masquerade fucking sucked, dude. It was the shittiest masq I have ever been to. Like, there were a few skits that didn't seem too bad...or at least they would have been, if the IT guys hadn't constantly messed up. Wrong music cues, playing something twice, stopping in the middle, speeding it up so it sounded like chipmunks...I mean, dude. Come on. It was just SO unprofessional. The chibi masquerade was better, for goodness's sake! That should never happen at a con as big as AX! It was so stupid. But we left as soon as the skits were done, so we managed to catch most of Last Comic Standing, which made it worth it.

Sooo...yeah. That was AX. Next is Comic Con, which is just an entirely different beast. I thought AX was crowded this year because there were 45,000ish people, but SDCC is maxed out again at 125,000. That is just an absurd number of people. But I'm looking forward to it! My next con is going to be Yaoi con in October. I got Trevor, my wonderful gay library friend, to go with me. He's even going to dress up as Miles Edgeworth from the Phoenix Wright games! I told him he might be mauled (this is a con made up of 85% hetero yaoi fangirls), but he's super excited. So that's sweet. And...yeah. Cons. Gotta lot 'em.



Jun. 2nd, 2009 09:46 pm
Cosplay )

Me! )

I was going to take pictures of the things I bought, but I decided they weren't that exciting. Just some TTGL, Geass, FMA, and D.Gray-Man fan-art stuffs.

I didn't get any pictures of what I was wearing any of the days because SOMEONE *coughJOELcough* doesn't approve of my camerawhoring and thus won't take my picture or wait around for me to take my own. Sigh.


May. 26th, 2009 08:58 pm
Well, fanime was awesome. I will (eventually...) post pics of my purchases and some of the cosplay I saw (those are up on facebook!), but I need to edit them to size and blah blah. But it was amazing for the following reasons:

+ Got to hang out with and meet a bunch of awesome Lolis
+ Got to buy prints/meet two of my favorite Gurren Lagann Deviant Artists: tehryu and 021
+ Saw naked!Kamina
+ Masquerade = waaaaay better than last year. For example, Pokemon skit of Epic Awesomeness.
+ Welcome to the Game, children. As annoying as this nonsense can get, the nerdy parts of my soul kind of love it.
+ Totally inspired for Anime Expo now.

Speaking of Anime Expo...Cosplay suggestions? )

Well, I'm supposed to be working on Japanese stuff right now. All I want to do is watch Soul Eater or Zero no Tsukaima, but what're you gonna do.

speaking of Zero no Tsukaima, there was a good masquearde skit for that, too.
+ Fanime! I totally did not realize it's like weekend after next until people were talking about it at the SF meet this weekend. I'm so excited! I love cons. I'm not cosplaying this year, but seeing everyone's costumes tends to get me excited enough to make something for AX.

+ Candy Violet's Atelier line! Omfg, Vivcore is finally making some of her beautiful period Lolita pieces for public concsumption and, dude, I neeeeeed one. Need.

+ Star Trek! It was amazing. Go see it. There's nothing else I can say.

+ The Princess and the Frog! )Omg. Omg. New actual animated Disney movie. OMG.


Apr. 18th, 2009 11:20 am
I got a loli valentine! I'm so honored. Oh my gosh. <333333

Also, finished Code Geass last night. It was sort of boring for like the first 10 episodes, then all of the sudden it got kind of awesome, and I watched the rest of the first season (14-25) and the first half of the second season (1-16) in like a two day span right before I got sick. Last night I marathoned 17-25 and omg soooo goooood. It's so sad...all my favorite characters pretty much died. Sigh. But yeah, good.

Also, started reading Kuroshitsuji, finally. Not sure how I like it so far, but I'm only in chapter 3, so we'll see how it goes.

I'm really excited for fanime and AX this year. My brother is going with me! :D Still hoping to pull together a Nia cosplay, but I kind of doubt it. Speaking of Nia, omg, the dollfie stares into my soul. But I kind of want the short-hair Nia. D:
I want these so bad IT HURTS. )

Too bad I'm planning on blowing all the money from my next paycheck at Anime Expo. AX is more important than a Lolita dress that may be sold out anyway, self. DON'T ORDER IT. You aren't allowed to complain about being poor and then buy $300 dress sets! But I want it sooooo baaaaaad. ;_;

In other news, fanime was fun. Fun enough that we want to go to Anime Expo in so-cal now, lol. Four days of such utter geekiness that it makes it hard to come back to the "normal" world. I love conventions. <3



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