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OMFG, it has been so freaking hot here. Like, it usually tops out around 80 and that feels crazy hot. It's been 90 PLUS. I HATE IT. I like, oh, about 75, for a really warm day. I'm seriously melting. And it's hot at night, too! DD:

Also, I seem to be in a color rut. I mostly only wear pink and/or purple just all of the time. I bought all these fun things on my birthday trip and I'm not wearing any of them because I'm all pink/purple, all the time. Dunno why.


Jan. 23rd, 2009 06:47 pm
Cut for those who don't want to see pictures of what I wear every day. :D )

I still feel a little weird posting pictures of myself here! I think it's because most of you know me in person, you know what I look like, how I dress, etc. But the random blogs I tend to friend have lots of pictures, and I want my blog to be something I would read if I wasn't me so...yeah. Pictures. Behind a cut. Sadly mostly in my stupid mirror...I need to get like a tripod. Or my own personal photographer. Something.

In other, semi-related news (but not really "news"...), I've been thinking a lot about fashion lately. Not that this is unusual or anything, but I've been making a concerted effort to avoid JEANS, which are the plague of the fashionable! Everyone wears jeans. Rarely do you see a girl in jeans and think, dang, she looks chic/stylish/cool/awesome/etc. I mean, jeans are great for comfort and on days when you just can't be bothered. But I have ample amounts of time in the morning, the least I can do is put together an outfit I can be proud of. Although I have been getting HELLA stared at lately. Someone took a picture of me from their car window the other day. >_>

Also, I had my style compared to that of a five year old's. Now, I jokingly say that my sense of fashion is kind of like a five year old's who finally got to dress themselves, but it's different when you say it about yourself. So, what do you guys think: "You dress like a five yeard old", insult? Compliment? Statement with no judgement behind it? I honestly couldn't tell from the girl's voice and I've been thinking about it.


Dec. 9th, 2008 10:00 pm
I really want a corset. Like, I don't want to waist train or anything, but it would be fun to have one to wear with Lolita. And they're so pretty...

I wasn't that excited about AP's chandelier series...but in black and blue? Verrry pretty. Not pretty enough to buy, I don't think, but pretty enough to share. Especially in black.

I saw Twilight again today. Don't even get me started on how pissed I am they fired Catherine Hardwicke. Omfg. Also, I still love RPattz for his take on Twilight. If the girls are reading as much into as he is, then by all means, it is a wonderful book with much less questionable morals than it appears on the surface. I just think he's looking into much deeper than anyone else. Which, you know, good for him.

It is really cold.

That is all.


Nov. 30th, 2008 04:24 pm
I finally bought these shoes! I've been drooling over them since this summer, but then they disappeared from the ENTIRE INTERNETS.

...mostly I just wanted an excuse to use this icon. Mmmm.


Oct. 20th, 2008 08:20 pm
I'm ready for it to feel like autumn now, Japan. Come on, I was promised like SNOW and it's almost the end of October and it's still not even cold. We're watching Ringu in class on Wednesday, it's time for Halloween weather. Hmph.

I'm thinking about buying these boots in pink. That's not a very good picture, but trust me, they are adorable. Or I can buy these boots for about $80 less. BUT! They are not as high quality, and I would also have to pay shipping. And I can't try them on. Or I can spend A LOT less and get non-Loli pink boots such as these, which I have been wanting FOREVER and can actually wear with mother things. I'm going through a boot phase. I think it's because everyone and their other here is wearing boots right now. I think I am going to buy a pair of black mid-calf or below-the-knee boots because my River Tam boots are almost dead. Sadface. I might also buy ankle boots, but I'm not sure about those because they would go with less. We shall see what I find.

Banana chocolate is amazing. So it raw egg udon in soba sauce with green onions. And Amanda Palmer's "I google you". And D.Gray-man, even though it's sort of derivative of Full Metal Alchemist. And Gossip Girl! In the kind of horrible sense of amazing. But Chuck and Blair are love.
Here are the things you need to fit in in Japan:

+ Scrunchies. Yes, like from the 80s. I haven't been able to bring myself to do it, but omg scrunchies are everywhere.

+ Fake Fur. This wasn't true when I first got here, but within the last few weeks or so the Autumn/Winter stuff has come out and EVERYTHING has fur on it. Like, even wallets. Ear muffs and scarves that are basically skinned teddy bears. I kind of want something but, really guys, it's not cold yet. It was like 65 degrees today. It is not ear muff time yet.

+ Boots. Much like fake fur, boots are huge now that it is supposedly but not actually you crazy Japanese people colder. Slightly slouchy looking is best, ankle or below the knee. Black or brown, but sometimes exciting colors.

+ Eccentric ponytails. Top of the head. Side ponytail. Top of the head half ponytail. Top of the head bun. With a scrunchy. Again, like the 80's. This, I actually like but cannot seem to pull off. T_T

+ Knee Socks. They are all about knee socks here. Black is the most common, but girls wear them in all colors. Sometimes it looks slutty when they are more like thigh-highs with the short shorts, but sometimes its adorable.

+ Dropped/Low Silhouette. I'm not really sure how to explain the difference in silhouette here. Most girls where their dressed or skirts loose and long, with ruffles at the bottom or extra layers poking out somewhere around mid-thigh. I think it's supposed to make you look taller? It does emphasize thinness, everyone looks very willowy.

+ Cell Phone Charms. If your phone doesn't have at least a couple of charms, you are really not okay. Like, even little old grandma's have cell phone charms, y'all. The cool girls have at least like 2 or 3. Hello Kitty and Minnie Mouse are common.

+ Bag Candy. You know those keychains they sell that are really just extra decoration for bags? Yeah. Everywhere. Especially on like school girls, but older girls have them too.

That's all I can think of at the moment. It's been interesting adjusting to some of these things. Like, the dropped silhouette thing is hard. It's so different from what I'm used to and I think it's adorable, but I've had to buy new skirts because I didn't have anything like that. Anyway...I just thought I'd share. Now y'all can dress like cute Japanese girls.
My mom left today. I am doing surprisingly well. Mostly trying to distract myself. Watched Across the Universe, bought Kera and the lastest Gothic & Lolita Bible, ate udon/soba for lunch/dinner at the restaraunt nearby, online window know. Stuff. Trying not to think about how...solitary I feel. I don't even have a phone right now, guys. I couldn't call anyone even if I wanted too. It's really very srange.

But! Instead of thinking about that I am thinking about clothes! When we were in Shinjuku the Marui Young had a Jesus Diamante store in the basement. Omg. Not as exciting as the LOLITA FLOORS!, but still pretty sweet. I should not look at JD stuff though, cuz if you think Lolita is expensive? Nothing compared to the real himegyaru stuff. But I do love the these and these. There were just rows and rows of those shoes. And giant bows and flowery purses and...sigh. But I may talk myself into one of their necklaces. Most of their stuff is absurd, but the necklaces are on par with Loli stuff and nice jewelry is nice jewelry. Like say this or something similar cuz they have a lot along that vein. Not that I need that; I have plenty of cheap fake pearls and crowns.

So...yeah. Skype has been giving Joel and I trouble, which is really disappointing. It was really nice having video and chat. AIM is nice and all, but it's nice to see and here and type. Full experience. You know.

EEEE!!! I just read that a new Angelic Pretty store is opening in Marui Young!! I can totally go to a store opening NEXT FRICKEN SATURDAY!!! I can go see the Gurren Lagann movie and then go to an AP store opening!!! My next weekend just got a whole lot more exciting. :DDD
these are the things I would buy )

I really need to go shopping...
I very desperately want to go to France. Right now. Actually, not right now. In July when the Petite Trianon is finished with its construction. :)

I had sushi by myself this evening. It was nice. I also put some green in my hair. I'm not sure how I feel about it just yet.

I was feeling very feminine today. This isn't really unusual, but it usually accompanies days when I am dressed more feminine, whereas today was a black and dark blue day, which is not especially feminine, even if it was a skirt day. It was a skirt and big black boots day.

I'm watching the Tudors. Jonathan Ryhs Myers is hottttt and he has all kinds of sex in it. The girl who plays Anne Boleyn is incredibely beautiful. Speaking of Anne Boleyn, I'm not sure if I want to see the Other Boleyn Girl. I heard it was really bad...but Scarlett Johansson and Natalie Portman! I dunno. I definitely want to see Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day, however, because it has Amy Adams and I am a bit in love with her.
I'm making a (lunar) New Year's resolution: everyday, I will dress exactly how I feel on the inside, no matter how cold or warm it is, and especially no matter how silly I think I will look in what I feel like wearing.


Sep. 19th, 2006 04:13 pm
I'm finally more or less settled in my room in santa cruz. There are redwoods right outside my window again. I think that's one of my favorite parts. My room is decorated, with one glaring white spot that desperately needs a poster. The apartment is decidedly not decorated. Decidedly. But we're working on it. I don't know...I'm not really fully okay here yet. I miss Joel and my puppy and all my home friends too much still. I'm glad my room is decorated now...I think that will make it better.

In other news, I finally got around to reading my fashion mags today and, my, the fashion world is a bit baroque obsessed! I kept thinking I was looking at "Marie Antoinette" spreads, but it was just your average ad! It was interesting. If I were Sofia Coppola I would be like, "Dude, I rock. I started that."

Also, I was looking at my Lost calendar and I suddenly got really, really excited for Lost.



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