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It's Saturday night and I am: dying my hair, re-watching Avatar, stalking /cgl (there's a post about [ profile] palantiriell and how our hair is similar!), and decorating my room. I am such an awesome 22 year old.

Speaking of decorating, I did not realize how much of a weaboo I am until I put up my posters. They're like 75% anime related, and like 10% Lolita related, and a few actual art pieces. It's adorable, I think anyway, but it makes me feel like a nerrrrrrd. I'll post pics once I'm done. :3
+ Doctor Who graffiti in the ladies bathroom in Social Sciences! It said "Are you the Doctor?" and then "Doctor Who?" and then something about him taking you on space time adventures. I almost died of exciting.

+ I just told Nicole "pshaw" and she told me to "pshut up". It was pretty awesome.

+ Our skit went over really well! It was the second funniest and everyone laughed at all the right parts, but especially my family and my boyfriend. And a really awesome awkward, took-a-moment-to-get-it laugh after I said I met "lots of nice men" in Akihabara.

+ The funniest skit was a Pokemon skit where they got sucked into the world of Pokemon and then used plushies to fight. In Japanese. There has been a lot of epic Pokemon-ness in my life lately!

+ I met a random Lolita at Joe's! I was just standing there and some girl is like, "Is your dress Angelic Pretty?" and I about jumped on her and was like OMG YOU KNOW LOLITA BE MY FRIEND WE ARE LEGION. I friended her on facebook and she says she's going to go to meet-ups next year!

+ Caaaaaaaaake. Japanese caaaaake. And also free food at the library. Luna bars that taste like Christmas! No, really. Try the chai Luna bars. Christmas.

Less cool was that I had to say goodbye to Lundberg-san (we sat next to each other for two years in Japanese, and now she's graduated. ;_;), and I have to work until midnight. But tomorrow home! Yayyy!


May. 26th, 2009 08:58 pm
Well, fanime was awesome. I will (eventually...) post pics of my purchases and some of the cosplay I saw (those are up on facebook!), but I need to edit them to size and blah blah. But it was amazing for the following reasons:

+ Got to hang out with and meet a bunch of awesome Lolis
+ Got to buy prints/meet two of my favorite Gurren Lagann Deviant Artists: tehryu and 021
+ Saw naked!Kamina
+ Masquerade = waaaaay better than last year. For example, Pokemon skit of Epic Awesomeness.
+ Welcome to the Game, children. As annoying as this nonsense can get, the nerdy parts of my soul kind of love it.
+ Totally inspired for Anime Expo now.

Speaking of Anime Expo...Cosplay suggestions? )

Well, I'm supposed to be working on Japanese stuff right now. All I want to do is watch Soul Eater or Zero no Tsukaima, but what're you gonna do.

speaking of Zero no Tsukaima, there was a good masquearde skit for that, too.
There is no rhyme or reason. I'm bored and went through all the picture folders on my computer, and these jumped out at me. Enjoy. Or skip over. You know.

No, really, massive picspam. )

Lol, I told you. MASSIVE. I'm bored, what can I say. Also, don't know where most of them came from. If you hover over the pics, there will either be something witty or some kind of credit for you to google. However, I will give you links to Miss Kika and Boopsie Daisy because they are two of my favorite artists. <33


Apr. 18th, 2009 11:20 am
I got a loli valentine! I'm so honored. Oh my gosh. <333333

Also, finished Code Geass last night. It was sort of boring for like the first 10 episodes, then all of the sudden it got kind of awesome, and I watched the rest of the first season (14-25) and the first half of the second season (1-16) in like a two day span right before I got sick. Last night I marathoned 17-25 and omg soooo goooood. It's so sad...all my favorite characters pretty much died. Sigh. But yeah, good.

Also, started reading Kuroshitsuji, finally. Not sure how I like it so far, but I'm only in chapter 3, so we'll see how it goes.

I'm really excited for fanime and AX this year. My brother is going with me! :D Still hoping to pull together a Nia cosplay, but I kind of doubt it. Speaking of Nia, omg, the dollfie stares into my soul. But I kind of want the short-hair Nia. D:


Oct. 1st, 2008 08:30 pm
So I think I may have finally secured my group of friends. I tend to like to be a part of a smaller group within a group, either as a couple or a few closer (usually female) friends, and I think I've finally figured out who my smaller group is! And it's a trio! I love trios. :D

Jessi, Niko, and I hung out pretty much all day yesterday. I think they may be my favorite people on the trip. I mean, I love everyone, but they are both pretty awesome. We went with everyone to Kichijouji and ate sushi, then came back here and watched Gurren Lagann! I had given it to Jessi a few days ago and she burned through the first half of the series super fast (it's hard not to), and we squeed so much over it on the train that Niko almost refused to watch it because he was afraid either we would ruin it with squeeage or that it was actually a girl anime in disguise. But, no, he loved it and is going to finish at least the first half so we can all go see the movie and experience the epicness of TTGL on the big screen. Omg.

After this awesomeness we went to Ikebukuro and went to Animate, had dinner, and then ice cream. It was so very fun. Although, Jessi and I felt like such lame gaijin otaku (foreign anime nerds) cuz she was in a Ninja t-shirt and wearing a backpack and I was wearing my kitty ear sweater. Yeah. And then Niko and I cemented our gaijin otaku status by actually doing caramell dansen in the store. Here is what caramell dansen is and the reason it is kind of horrible that we did it is that it is a ridiculous internet thing that only lame anime nerds do. Like, at AX, Joel literally pretended not to know me every time I would start dancing to it. And this happened frequently because anime nerds love to carry boom boxes and randomly play music at cons. Which is fun...but also so geeky it kind of hurts.

Anyway, it was a really nice day. And we hung out all today, too. It makes me happy to be part of a trio again. I haven't been part of a trio in too long. :)

geek love

Jun. 20th, 2008 09:56 am
I have been locked away in my house with my brother and Joel watching anime/doctor who/avatar and cleaning for a full week now. It has been...amazing. I was so burnt out on school and people and doing stuff all the time, it feels so good to just hole up with two of my favorite people and do nothing but watch good TV for hours. Although, it's been very sad Tv...Dr Who is like ridiculously dark this season and Full Metal Alchemist is depresseing and even Avatar has it's moments. But we also watched AMV Hell, which is hilarious, so that helped with the dark/sadness.

There's nothing really going on with me...I just didn't want anyone to think I had died sinceI had updated in over a week. ;)
I bought wigs! I am doing this shit! )

...fandom herpes. I will be fine for so long and then all of the sudden: OUTBREAK! Like, it actually physically hurts me at the very beginning of my obsession, then when I get enough of whatever it is, the pain starts to go away and I feel semi-normal again.

Spike Spiegel is hotttt. Cowboy Bebop is like a totally old show that I have known about forever, then I have one kinda sexy dream about the characters and all of the sudden I have to buy the boxset with one day shipping. I spent waaay to much on this, but I needed it, and that is how my disease goes.


Dec. 6th, 2007 12:12 am
So I was browsing the pictures on a Mylar/Sylinder group on facebook, and there were a bunch of pictures of Sim versions of Sylar and Mohinder makin' out and gettin' married and holdin' babies and stuff. I was like, omg, losers making characters and posting the pictures, lulz. Then I remembered that I made a Doctor sim just so my sim could marry him.

...I am so very lame.


Aug. 9th, 2007 09:33 pm
I just opened my very own ebay and paypal accounts and now I want to ssssssssspppeeeeennnnnnnnddddd. I have a paycheck coming next Friday, and it's not know...I really need to buy a new laptop or anything... *shifty eyes*


I'm sick

Oct. 23rd, 2006 10:32 am
I stayed up until 1 AM last night listening to "My Immortal" on repeat and reading Veronica Mars fan fiction. I also spent the ENTIRE weekend watching the first season. Started 11-ish friday night, ended 3-ish sunday. All 22 episodes in that amount of time. I'm sick...what have I regressed to?? This is horrid. Fangirlism is like this disease that you think you're over...but theyn you have another outbreak and you realize you've still got it, you've still got it bad.

PS if you want to know why it's "my immortal" in particular, watch This. obsession really is worse than you thought.


Sep. 8th, 2006 12:18 am
So, this is me being random and nit picky and geeky, but has anyone seen the new Star Wars commercials? For the re-release of this first three on seperate DVDs? Well, in them, this little girl says "I want a wookie for a pet. Mom, can we please get a wookie?" Now, if you've seen the original star wars, or even the new ones, it is pretty obvious that Wookies are not "pets". They are PEOPLE. They are a RACE of alien PEOPLE. That little girl saying she wants a Wookie for a pet is the same as someone in this world saying "I want a Black for a pet! Pleeeease mommy!" It's kind of offensive. If you're crazy. Like me.

Honestly. I need to stop geeking out now.
I hate Mary-Sue fan-fiction.

I hate how much I am liking Sparrabeth right now, even though it bothered me in the movie.

I feel like a sophomore again...spending my summer alone obsessing over Cap'n Jack. It's interesting.



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