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Sep. 9th, 2009 06:07 pm
I haven't updated in a while. Dunno why. Life is boring? I tweet a lot? I actually don't tweet that much, though. Would you guys want to read my twitter feed? Been toying with the idea of feeding it to here, but a lot of you are on my twitter page, so it'd be repeats. Also been thinking about posting got lolita style posts when I buy things. But I kind of don't want to have graphic evidence of how much money I spend...

Working 9 hours today. 9 hours on 9/9/09, whoa. Can't see the movie 9 til this weekend, and Joel doesn't wanna watch Glee or ANTM with me. ;_; But we went and saw the Gurren Lagann movie again (for me, first time for Joel) last night...SO EPIC, FUUUUU. I love that movie. Even though it's just the first like quarter of the show repackaged, it's so epic and the 20 mins of new footage at the end make it aaaaaaalllllll worth it.

My life is so boring, I apologize.

There is no rhyme or reason. I'm bored and went through all the picture folders on my computer, and these jumped out at me. Enjoy. Or skip over. You know.

No, really, massive picspam. )

Lol, I told you. MASSIVE. I'm bored, what can I say. Also, don't know where most of them came from. If you hover over the pics, there will either be something witty or some kind of credit for you to google. However, I will give you links to Miss Kika and Boopsie Daisy because they are two of my favorite artists. <33


Apr. 18th, 2009 11:20 am
I got a loli valentine! I'm so honored. Oh my gosh. <333333

Also, finished Code Geass last night. It was sort of boring for like the first 10 episodes, then all of the sudden it got kind of awesome, and I watched the rest of the first season (14-25) and the first half of the second season (1-16) in like a two day span right before I got sick. Last night I marathoned 17-25 and omg soooo goooood. It's so sad...all my favorite characters pretty much died. Sigh. But yeah, good.

Also, started reading Kuroshitsuji, finally. Not sure how I like it so far, but I'm only in chapter 3, so we'll see how it goes.

I'm really excited for fanime and AX this year. My brother is going with me! :D Still hoping to pull together a Nia cosplay, but I kind of doubt it. Speaking of Nia, omg, the dollfie stares into my soul. But I kind of want the short-hair Nia. D:

more TTGL

Jul. 14th, 2008 09:40 pm
Joel kind of wants to get this! tattooed on his back. I support this decision cuz omg, gurren-dan symbol.

I want to cosplay as HER so bad it hurts. Later, she gets short hair and this amazing jacket, so I can't decide if I want to do pre- or post-haircut Nia. Pre-haircut gets the cute thingy in her hair, but post- gets the jacket. Omg, the jacket.

I most certainly did not spend many hours going through every single piece of fan-art on Deviant Art tagged Kamina + Simon today. Nope, certainly not. Except that I totally did and here are my favorites: snuggles, little dirty, and lol. The middle one came from facebook and I cant find the artist. >_<

I'm for totes not obsessed, y'all. For sure.

Oh! And y'all should check out the singer of the Gurren Lagann theme song, Shoko Nakagawa because she is the cutest thing ever. Her blog has pictures of her at AX, (including crowd pictures at her concert which I am technically in!) and some cute cosplay. Also, the way she writes in English is exactly how she talked. It was lolarious. <33
I finally finished Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann today; I've been working my way through it since like may. It's not that I didn't love it, cuz I did, but I was busy and then Joel wanted to watch it so I had to wait and....yeah. But now I am done and it is sad. It was EPIC. Let me just say that there is a dude who fights in a robot, that robot fights inside of another bigger robot, and that bigger robot fights inside of another BIGGER robot, which then combines with another EVEN BIGGER robot and they end up being the size of a galaxy literally. I mean, for realsies, EPIC. AND I GET TO SEE THE MOVIE WHEN I GO TO JAPAN!!!!! Also, I am slightly obsessed with this picture.OMG teh hotness!!1!1

In other news, in the words of my brother...

I have defiled my ipod. )

I like how it came out. I bought a bunch of crafting stuff today because I need something to do besides watch anime and wait around for Joel. I'm going to make some mini-hats, decorate a jewelry box, and hopefully make a Loli summer hat. Although, it's been RIDICULOUSLY HARD to find a cute straw hat in this town. But you know what is cute?

Tia's new dress. )

In other news, I'm going to call around to temp agencies tomorrow to see if they need people. I'm not really sure how this temping thing works, but moneyssssss would be nice. I'm doing shockingly well with my limited finances, but comic-con is looming on the horizon and I want to be able to buy as much stuff as humanly possible while I'm in Japan, which means I either need to SAVE LIKE A FIEND or find a source of income.



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