Awkward library find of the day: note that says "Dear Amy, don't get so mad at me when I try to help you. I ordered you these skin supplements as well so hope they help as I know the next period is going to be stressful for you, big hugs and kisses, Mom." Not that awkward, but I always feel weirdly voyeuristic when I read notes left in library books. Also, "Mom", if "Amy" is getting mad at you for helping, I don't think telling her she has bad skin is going to help, lol.

Saw Harry Potter last night with Trevor. That movie was filled with so much awkwardness, but I loved it. Yeah, they left stuff out and there was stuff I didn't like (how they handled the Half Blood prince thing, romance resolution, the way the Death Eaters left Hogwarts), but I really enjoyed it overall and felt like they did a good job of balancing the light romantic silliness with the heaviness of what was "really" going on. But I still don't ship Harry/Ginny, sorry. Harry/Luna, ftw. Also kind of Snape/Draco? Which was weird for me because I totally didn't see it in the books, but in the movie...mmmm. And Draco cried in the bathrooms like an emo kid, which I was waiting for through the whole movie. :D

Next up is Comic Con which I am getting more and more excited for. There aren't a ton of panels I want to go to, but there are enough and it will be so awesome to have people I know there!

Oh, and does anyone have any good book recommendations for me? I like books about female characters, that aren't too sad or written before 1900. Other than that, I'm open.
Boys make life so very difficult. But that's all I want to say about that.

So! I saw Bruno last night. It was okay. Not as funny as Borat, by any means, but still amusing. Mostly all I could think the whole time was "How does Isla Fisher put up with being married to this guy?? He's naked all over the place and puts himself in such dangerous situations!" Between insulting Osama Bin Laden to the leader of a terrorist organization (!!) and putting himself in a "cage match" that ended with him making out with his fighting partner (hott) in front of the kind of people who would see a cage match (omg, I was scared for his life and glad there was a cage), I pretty much just felt bad for his wife.

But! There was a trailer for Jennifer's Body. Now, I'm not normally one for horror movies, but I have the BIGGEST girl crush evar on Amanda Seyfried, omgggggg. I know most people are all omg Megan Fox, but I kind of think she looks like a beyotch. Give me Amanda Seyfried, especially in those geektastic glasses anyday, oh man. Also, it was written by Diablo Cody who wrote Juno, so that's exciting.

...and, yeah. Watching HP:GOF on ABC family. RPattz as Cedric is funny now, since he's *~~Edward~~*. Speaking of HP, I am soooo exxxxcited for midnight premier. Squee.
Harry Potter 6 pushed back to Summer 2009

I am actually really, really happy about this because it means I won't be missing out on the premiere! :D


Jul. 29th, 2008 03:14 pm
My family has been going to Atari-ya since before I was born and I've grown up knowing the owner, Keiko-san, fairly well. My dad told her I was going to Japan, so today we went in and she started asking me about my trip, saying she was going to Tokyo and that we should meet up there, and tried talking to me in Japanese.

...I'm a little rusty. So I'm going to go study now, but I leave you with this picture my weirdo dad decided he needed to take. (She was excited about it, though, lol. It was cute.)

Me & Keiko-san )

PS Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince trailer is online now. Did I mention that I recently realized I would be en route from Japan, on a stinking airplane, the day this is released? UGHHHHHHH.


Nov. 25th, 2007 05:58 pm
I feel totally sick because of way too much fast food. Ugh ugh ugh, and I have to be at work for another 3 hours...

quizilla? )
Dumbledore is gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay. JKR said soooooooooooooooooo. I totally called iiiiiiiiiiiit. Dumbledore + Grindlewald = tru wuuuuuuuuuuv.

Back to watching silly ghost whisperer with my mom.

i escaped joel's house, for i truly am terrible
I hate it when LJ goes away. :(

I've been packing for comic-con and it's sort of giving me trouble. Part of me wants to dress super cute and all "I am not nerdy like all y'all!" but the other part of me is like "OMGz Star wars tshirt and HP tshirt and Mario tshirt..." I can't quite decide which half to listen to, so I'm trying for something bright, cutesy and in between. To give you an idea: nothing I am bringing is just one color and I'm bringing at least one of my Hello Kitty medallions.

Now for the important stuff like HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS. My icon is kind of a spoiler, so I'm sorry if you haven't read it, but it'll be really funny once you have. Even Joel laughed and he never finds my fandom lulz humorous.

Just in case you haven't read...HERE THERE BE SPOILERS! )

Now I'm just having fun reading about people freaking out on fandom_wank. Overall, I thought it was spectacular (except maybe the epilogue), and I have to specifically not remember that it is the last one because that is just too sad.

Time to finish packing. :)


Jul. 21st, 2007 12:24 am
I won the privelage to unveil the books, cut open the box, and hand the first one over to the girl at the front of the line. It was pretty frickin cool.

Now I'm going to joels to reeeeeeead after a caffeine run at seven eleven. I don't normally go to sleep for another four hours, but I also don't usually stand around doing stuff for hours before I go to bed. I'm shockingly tired, but a tab energy will fix that.

Joel needs to drive faster. I NEED to start reading.

ps i like that HP:DH has a super excited emoticon in it :D


Jul. 17th, 2007 08:55 pm
I just finished HBP...I forgot how sad it is. Like, I knew what was coming, I knew he was going to die, but I still teared up a little. I thought I wouldn't, since I didn't for Sirius in OotP, but I did. Only a little, but the tears were there.

However, I stand by Snape = friend theory. I haven't read any spoilers, or even any theory since the last book came out, but I am still determined that Snape is good. I still trust Dumbledore. I could go into detail about my theory, but I shan't because I'm updating on my sidekick while stupid joel plays stupid world of warcraft.

I am REALLY excited for Friday now.

ps spoil me and I CUT YOU.
I think for tomorrow's (tonight's?) midnight HP showing, I'll wear my Ravenclaw outfit so that for the book party I can dress as Tonks. I mean, I've got the hair and all! Most of the Tonks cosplayers I found online aren't cool enough to have unnatural hair, so I'm gonna work it. Although she is a Hufflepuff, I can overlook that because I'm down with the badgers. I wish she was an eagle, but what can you do.

In other news, I am not tired at all. I stay up til 4 AM one night, and now I can't sleep before three, and don't wake up til 11:30. Bah.


Jul. 4th, 2007 11:54 pm
I'm starting to re-read the Harry Potter books and re-watch the movies. I just finished book one (in one day! I forgot what quick reads they were), and even though it was a little boring (mostly because I've read it so many times and everything is so basic to the canon), it reminded why I love the series so much. It's funny, because when my brother was reading the books when he was in elementary school, I refused to because I was in junior high and those were kid's books! But then my eighth grade English teacher read somr of Goblet of Fire aloud to the class and I decided I needed to see what this Harry Potter nonsense was all about. And then I read all four books in about five days, I believe. I didn't really get into the fandom until senior year of high school, but I've figured out why that is and why I'm not really that into this particular fandom: I'm in love with the world of Harry Potter, as opposed to the characters or even the story. Don't get me wrong, I love the characters and the story, but it's not the sort of thing I get fangirly over. But the world he lives in? Omg. And that's why I started getting fangirly after I discovered that hogwartsishome comm I was in; it put me in the HP world, even if it was just on the internet. It was more about the houses and being a Ravenclaw and earning points and money and trying to become an animagus. And that's the cool stuff.

That was a really long entry about Harry Potter. The book just made me happy. :)

PS Transformers was awesome.



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