Spring break has thus far, as have most of my breaks, been characterized by OMGBOREDDDD days followed by OMGBUSYYYYY. Came home Monday, spent Monday and Tuesday sitting around, watching TV, staring at the wall. Spent some time with my grandma. Pretty boring. Then yesterday I drove down to LA to hang out with Miss Jessi, then came back today, am now waiting for Jeremy, who will be here until Saturday, then I have a date with my darling Courtney, then back to SC.

Going to LA reminded me, once again, how much I miss my Jessi. She's the Nana O. to my Nana K. in a lot of ways. Which probably doesn't mean anything to a lot of you, but it means a lot to me. But she lives in LA, and I will probably never live in LA, and then she's going to graduate school in New York, which I will also not be doing. We're star-crossed. I feel like I'm star-crossed with a lot of my dearest friends lately. Everyone is so busy and/or faraway, and so am I and...yeah. It's a bit sad.

Jeremy is meeting my whooooole family tonight. It's going to be interesting.
Friday night my mom got in a car accident. It happened the best way it could have happened, but her car is wrecked and she's all banged up. We had to stay at the hospital until like midnight, then drive an hour home in the rain that caused her accident in the first place.

Today I had to wake up super early despite going to bed late to have brunch with my family. Brunch with family is a plus, horribly slow service and wrong orders all around at the restaraunt not so much.

Also got my hair and nails did today. My nails are cute, but I kind of hate my hair. It's not completely my hairstylists fault, it's partially that I need to just bite the bullet and cut MOST of it off instead of slowly cutting the dead parts away. When so much of my hair is fried, it's not going to look good no matter what I do. But the soccer mom haircut that was supposed to "work with my waves"? Oh god.

Then when I got home, I got a text from Dustin. Yayy, just what I needed cuz apparently my ignoring him last time didn't work.

I never thought I'd be looking forward to my week over my weekend, but here we are.
Jeremy came to visit me for three whole days! It was lovely. I took him to my favorite Santa Maria restaraunts and he met my family and he loves Miss Tia! We didn't do a whole lot aside from eat, watch movies, snuggle, and talk, but a) that's all there is to do in SM and b) those are the things I like to do anyway. We watched Jennifer's Body! GO BUY IT, CAME OUT YESTERDAY. I <3 that movie and Jeremy even said it wasn't that bad, cuz he thought it wouldn't be awful and it wasn't, it's AWESOME. Or okay, but I think AWESOME.

Saw Avatar today. I liked it, visually sutnning, blah blah. Mostly I just hated the military jerk guy, hated mankind for what we do to native populations and the Earth, and want to live on a planet that glowwwwwwws. So cool. Jeremy says raves are kinda like that. Maybe I should go to a rave?

I was gonna go back to SC for New Year's, but I think I'm gonna chillax here instead. This break has been pretty fun, but really rather busy and I kinda just want to lock myself in my room and read and marathon anime with my brother.

Speaking of anime marathons! We need a series to marathon for New Year's! Something we can finish in like a day or two, so one season shows are best. Any recommendations?


Sep. 14th, 2009 12:14 am
We are in the process of moving my room from the back, huge room to my old, smaller room and, let me tell you, it is a hassle! We've moved about half of the stuff, but I just have so much junk. I've accumulated wayyyy too many books and knick-knacks over the years, not to mention the fact that I have a whole 'nother room up in SC that is full too. It's going to be lovely when it's finished, but it's a tough road getting there. I'm exicted for the re-decorate, as my old room was all black and hot pink which I loved in high school, but the new room is going to be white, pink gingham and roses. Love.

Watching the VMAs right now. Had absolutely no intention of watching them (I am so out of touch with current music -_-;), but then twitter and facebook like exploded with related updates, so I felt it necessary to catch the replay. Thus far? Katy Perry has gotten SO LAME, I love that Billie Joe Armstrong (of Green Day, who I've seen a bazillion times in concert and have been in love with since I was 14 and still have silly fannish dreams about sometimes) is still happily married to his wife, and I love Russel Brand. I think a lot of people don't like him...I just think he's adorable! Like, it seems like people don't get him and all of his jokes fall flat and he seems so out of his element! But in an adorkable sort of way. I would love to hang out with him.

Anywhoo...I really should be asleep. Peace out.

Oh, and Lady Gaga is CRAZY, but also kind of awesome.

help meeee

Aug. 3rd, 2009 06:08 pm
Okay, guys, so I need help picking: do I want this skirt in white, lavender, or yellow?

I would just pick white, but I'm still holding out a little shred of hope for Memorial Cake in white (someday...). Lavender disappears the ponies a little bit, but I don't own anything in yellow at the moment and I've been tying to increase my lavender. But I've also been meaning to add yellow, too, so....help meeeee.

In other news, I only have internet at work at the moment because comcast can't get out to the new house until August 10th (!!!). But the new house is so cuute!! It's pink on the outside, with a few lil roses growing in the front and a big huge flowery bush in the back. We're on the second floor, with a totally vintage-y 60's staircase and doorbell. Our living room is going to have a general Marie Antoinette/Hello Kitty theme with the colors being pink, purple, aqua, and black. The kitchen is kinda scuzzy with hideous cabinets, but we're going to spruce it up by covering them with gift wrap and having a cupcake theme! The bathroom, which is probably one of the cutest rooms, is Bonjour Kitty themed, and even though it's old and gross all the cute stuff in it goes a long way. My room is soooooo much biggerrrrr I am soooooo happpyyyyyy, but I haven't done very much decorating yet. Most of my decorations are still in boxes because I had to start living there and doing stuff again almost immediately, instead of having a few days off to settle in. But I'm soo happy about this change, I can't even tell you.
It's really weird being home and not feeling rushed. I didn't get out of bed today until like 11, and wasn't dressed until noon. Glorious. Now I'm at the nail salon with my mom, waiting for them to finish her nails.

But Santa Maria is a strange place. I was kind of really excited to come home, but then as soon as I got here that familiar sense of ennui and oppressive boredom overtook me. I think a lot of that is second hand emotion from my mom, though.

I was thinking about why I ever miss Santa Maria, since when I left I was pretty much like THANK YOU JESUS NEVER GOING BACK FUCK YOU SM! I think part of it is that my feeling of marginalization is legitimate here. Like...so, in Santa Cruz everyone stares at me, but it feels a lot more unexpected and hostile there. Like, I'm so weird even the weirdos in Santa Cruz stare at me, so I just feel afraid and uncomfortable. But in Santa Maria, everyone is a normie or a dude bro or some other "normal", god-fearing Republican type of person, so I sort of revel in their disapproval. It feels good to be stared at because I feel like I'm like expanding their closed minded little worlds or something. Also, and possibly unrelated, people in SM just stare, they don't say things to me like people in SC do. So I get the kinda punk rock satisfaction of making people think outside their box AND I don't have to deal with people hitting on me because dressing weird = being kinky? Or something.

In other, unrelated news, I'm noticing boys again. I go through phases where I notice girls, where I notice no one, and where I notice boys and I am DEFINITELY in the last. I was noticing girls last quarter (omg, this one girl in my visual analysis class was so hot, when she sat next to me I seriously could not focus the whole hour and 45 mins of class), but now I've swung the other way. Its kind of fun, but kind of distressing. Oh well.

new home

Jan. 5th, 2009 04:19 pm
So, I am relatively settled. I lack a desk because we decided it would be better to buy me a nice desk that I would actually want to keep, rather than a crappy one from office depot for a hundred bucks. But I am very acutely feeling the lack of a desk; I am typing this on the floor, and all my hair things and jewelry are either on the floor with me, or shoved together in a pile next to my TV. Sigh.

I like this house. It's a cute little condo. I'm not completely enamored of what she's done with the place...it's very pretty, but not my taste or color scheme. But I suppose most people don't live by my color schemes. My room is very dark blue. I thought it would make all of my pinks and purples look ridonkulous, but it worked out well, I think. I have a big window, which is nice. Although I think it's making it colder right now. Brrrr!

I love this commercial )

Well, I am off to read The Sweet Far Thing and then maybe watch Gossip Girl.
I'm chillaxin' in my room, which is finally al put together. If we had internet or cable, I might just say I feel pretty perfect right now. Everyone's gone off somewhere, but I'm a little bit in love with my room and my giant window so I don't mind. I was a little depressed this morning about not having anything to do, but I can always watch dvds! I have heroes to finish and dr. Who special features, and class starts in two days, so I will be fine until saturday. Although not having internet except on my sidekick is killing me a little. And by a little I mean a lot.

new home

Sep. 22nd, 2007 07:46 am
So, I am in my new room in Santa Cruz, listening to the busy street right outside my window. I'm on the fourth floor, and my calves are surprisingly sore from moving up here yesterday. My room, my whole house, is rather large, to the point that when the tv and the bed/couch are against opposite walls, I feel too far away. The carpets are dirty, the lights suck, and our stove is broken, but there is a bus stop right outside and you can see the ocean from my window. We don't have internet or cable yet, so I have to write this on my sidekick, which gets full service here which is absolutel lovely. Parking is an incredibely large hassle, and I'm not really sure what to do about it. Parking right in front of my house costs 18$ a day in quarters, but parking around the corner requires that I change me address with the dmv. I'm not sure what I'm going to do.

Unfortunately, I have to go home tonight. Tomorrow is Joel's birthday, he's finally going to turn 20 and I don't really want to miss it. Also, I have a doctors appointment Tuesday evening, so I have to come home no matter what, it's just sort of a matter of when. I may stay and come home monday or even tuesday, because I'm not sure Joel really cares all that much about his birthday, but I'll have to ask him about it.

Only Lesley and Kym are here right now, which I thought would be awkward, but it isn't. Elena and Karen are coming today, and Courtney is coming up tomorrow. Even with the dirty carpet, broken stove, crappy and broken lighting, and shitty landlord, I catually really like this place. My room is wonderful and I have a queen sized bed. I had a vanity, too, but we had to dismantle it to fit the tv, which is a little sad, but necessary. I just need to finish unpacking my clothes, put up posters, and put my kitchen and bathroom stuff away and this could feel like home.


Apr. 16th, 2007 11:06 pm
emilie_rainbow: (lost girl)
Today we signed up for housing, but I don't really want to live on-campus anymore. I'm not married to the idea of a house like Elena is, it's just that it's (surprisingly) cheaper to live off campus and I'd only have to live with 3 other people instead of 5. Not that I don't like Kym or Nicole, but it sure would be nice if just me, Karen, Courtney, and Elena could find a place. A house. With a yard. And four bedrooms, which is where things start getting rough. I want a single, Elena wants a single, and I know Karen and Courtney do too even though they won't say it. We'll probably just end up living on campus, but it's fun to think about having a house.

I think this is mostly from me reading Little Women. All I can think is "Gee, I want to get married and have a little home with my love just like Meg!" which is, I think, not who you're supposed to want to be like. Jo is the protagonist and all but...I identify more with Meg. And Jo gets tamed eventually, too.

I still have 150-ish pages to go by noon tomorrow. Soooo not going to happen, unfortunately.


Sep. 19th, 2006 04:13 pm
I'm finally more or less settled in my room in santa cruz. There are redwoods right outside my window again. I think that's one of my favorite parts. My room is decorated, with one glaring white spot that desperately needs a poster. The apartment is decidedly not decorated. Decidedly. But we're working on it. I don't know...I'm not really fully okay here yet. I miss Joel and my puppy and all my home friends too much still. I'm glad my room is decorated now...I think that will make it better.

In other news, I finally got around to reading my fashion mags today and, my, the fashion world is a bit baroque obsessed! I kept thinking I was looking at "Marie Antoinette" spreads, but it was just your average ad! It was interesting. If I were Sofia Coppola I would be like, "Dude, I rock. I started that."

Also, I was looking at my Lost calendar and I suddenly got really, really excited for Lost.



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