May. 22nd, 2010 09:34 am
+ Today I am seeing the GLEE cast LIVE in concert in LA. ZOMG so excited. Also, I'm staying at my friends and she's in the shower right now, listening to N*sync, lol.

+ FANIME IS IN LESS THAN A WEEK ASDFGHJKL;! I am RIDICULOUSLY excited. Last night I had a dream that I left my Lolita stuff in Santa Cruz though, and I was very stressed out. I also missed the first VIP event in the dream and I cried because it. T_T

+ SPEAKING of Lolita, OMG FANTAISIES DANS LE WHATEVER THE HELL IT'S CALLED. I was already excited just generally cuz omg the GLB and Kera, but now I have a VIP ticket and ahhhhhh. I need to plan out my outfits! And put together my hime loli outfit for the fashion show. I have to work on making it less sweet...hmmmm.

+ I am SO excited to cosplay One Piece with my brother, his GF, and Jeremy! (Although Jeremy's Zoro costume is not even close to done and I'm starting to stress about it. D:) Also, my Luffy is kind of shit compared to my bro and his GF's Sanji and Nami. And I'm a little worried about doing a really basic rule 63 at a big con like Fanime...I'm worried people with judge me ;_;

+After Fanime I have to start working on my final projects for school...ugh. But then Jeremy's birthday! But then...holy, shit, I am graduating from college and my boyfriend is going away for 2 months to live in another country. I do not know what the emoticon for this feeling is.
In the last few weeks I have bought:

+ 4 pairs of AP socks (jewelry jelly, a pinkxyellow pair, a pinkxblue pair, and a pinkxdark pink pair)
+ Mint Baby JSK (40% off! And my first non-print item EVAR.)
+ A BUNCH of make-up from sephora
+ New Kera
+ Too too expensive deco stickers for my phone (it's gonna be epic, though)
+ This cutsew in mint and this cutsew in lavender (Hopefully they'll still be in stock...)

Also a bid on the sparkling bubble whatsit AP skirt I've wanted forever, and I have Popping Balloons coming eventually. Also considering yellow tea parties, and new pink tea parties cuz mine are thrashed.

As very, very happy as all this money spending is making me...OMFG IT HAS TO STOP I'M OUT OF CONTROL.

2009 was a weird year for me. I feel like I spent a lot of it feeling very lost and uncertain. I came back from Japan and everything was different, and I was different, and I just wanted to go back. I spent most of the year stuck inside my head, yearing and/or wistfully staring out my window. It needed to be done...I really needed to reassess my life and figure out that I wasn't very happy with where it was, or where it was going. I am so glad I made (most) of the choices I did, and I think this might be the most content I have ever felt on a New Year's Eve, at least within my recent memory.

In 2010 I would like to:

+ Eat better
+ Exercise occasionally
+ Find a good balance between school, boys, family, friends, and self
+ Read books for fun more often
+ Wear whatever I want, when I want
+ Spend more energy on learning and USING Japanese

Also graduate, not die, etc etc, but those are things that I'm pretty sure I don't need to work on, they should (theoretically) just happen. Tonight is also a Blue Moon, so I think I might light a candle and meditate or do something witchy. Not really sure what, but it seems like a blue moon on New Year's is a big event, astronomically and magically and all that superstitious jazz.

Or I might pass out with the new Sookie Stackhouse novel at ten pm. We shall see.


Nov. 29th, 2009 01:12 am
Oh man, it is so amusing going back and reading my journals from high school. For a multitude of reasons, including but not limited to:

1) I do not remember a lot of the stuff I talk about. Apparently I talked to boys a lot more than I recall, and...um...wrassled with them more than I recall as well. Not in a dirty way! Just flirtatious 14-16 year old stuff.

2) I've had the EXACT SAME PROBLEMS with boys starting with my first boyfriend at 14. None of them know how to call on time, apparently, and they all try to tell me they love me waaaay too soon. OR they act totally into me, even tell me they like me, but won't date me. Losers!

3) I apparently thought I had something "really special" with every single boy I have ever dated or had a crush on. Apparently I've had like....17 million soulmates. Awesome.

4) I was RIDICULOUSLY BOY CRAZY, omg. If you think I talk about the boys I'm into a lot now? I ain't got NOTHIN' on myself at 14, holeeeeeeey sheet.

5) I very frequently fancied myself a poet, except that I sucked. I mean, everyone's poetry sucked in high school, obviously, it's high school, but it's just so cringe worthy to read myself getting all "deep".

6) I used to use sooo muuuuuch fangirl Japanese, lol -_-;

Did all y'all ever journal? Ever go back and read your old journals for the lulz? I used to read my later journals (late high school, early college) for insight, but Jr. High and early High School are just kind of lolarious.
Here are the things you need to fit in in Japan:

+ Scrunchies. Yes, like from the 80s. I haven't been able to bring myself to do it, but omg scrunchies are everywhere.

+ Fake Fur. This wasn't true when I first got here, but within the last few weeks or so the Autumn/Winter stuff has come out and EVERYTHING has fur on it. Like, even wallets. Ear muffs and scarves that are basically skinned teddy bears. I kind of want something but, really guys, it's not cold yet. It was like 65 degrees today. It is not ear muff time yet.

+ Boots. Much like fake fur, boots are huge now that it is supposedly but not actually you crazy Japanese people colder. Slightly slouchy looking is best, ankle or below the knee. Black or brown, but sometimes exciting colors.

+ Eccentric ponytails. Top of the head. Side ponytail. Top of the head half ponytail. Top of the head bun. With a scrunchy. Again, like the 80's. This, I actually like but cannot seem to pull off. T_T

+ Knee Socks. They are all about knee socks here. Black is the most common, but girls wear them in all colors. Sometimes it looks slutty when they are more like thigh-highs with the short shorts, but sometimes its adorable.

+ Dropped/Low Silhouette. I'm not really sure how to explain the difference in silhouette here. Most girls where their dressed or skirts loose and long, with ruffles at the bottom or extra layers poking out somewhere around mid-thigh. I think it's supposed to make you look taller? It does emphasize thinness, everyone looks very willowy.

+ Cell Phone Charms. If your phone doesn't have at least a couple of charms, you are really not okay. Like, even little old grandma's have cell phone charms, y'all. The cool girls have at least like 2 or 3. Hello Kitty and Minnie Mouse are common.

+ Bag Candy. You know those keychains they sell that are really just extra decoration for bags? Yeah. Everywhere. Especially on like school girls, but older girls have them too.

That's all I can think of at the moment. It's been interesting adjusting to some of these things. Like, the dropped silhouette thing is hard. It's so different from what I'm used to and I think it's adorable, but I've had to buy new skirts because I didn't have anything like that. Anyway...I just thought I'd share. Now y'all can dress like cute Japanese girls.
1) TWITTER. Omg, hello new addiction. Now y'all can literally know exactly what is going on every minute of every day of my life. BUT RIGHT NOW THERE ARE BREAKING DAWN SPOILERS ON IT SO BEWARE. I twittered my reactions, lol.

2) Himegyaru. No, it is not the same as Lolita. Mostly I like the bouffant hair. <33

3) Reading. Finished Breaking Dawn and now I want MOARRR.

4) Walking. I really need to do this more.

5) My beautiful, sunshine-y room. I would link a picture, but it is messy so...later?

Well, I'm off to have lunch and then go shopping with my grandma!
emilie_rainbow: (camera)
+ I'm going to start doing (semi)daily outfit posts on my picture journal cuz I'm cool like that. Chizzeck it out.

+ Dark Knight is tonight! I want to dress up but I don't know what to wear...

+ Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. It's funny, from the mind of God Joss Whedon, and musical! What more could you ask for.

+ New Avatar starting tonight!! I'm going to have to Tivo tonight's, but there's a new one tomorrow and then the finale Saturday! Omg!

+ Zooey bein' too too cute. I don't like She & Him that much, but the video is adorable.

+ Comic-Con is next week! Doctor Who and Twilight are entirely too close together so I may end up having to miss one, but I will perservere! I will make time for ALL my fandoms, no matter what the cost!

+ Only like a month til Japan........whoa.


Jun. 4th, 2007 09:51 pm
So, I totally have two essays, two finals, 5 books, and a rewrite to finish before next Wednesday, but I also feel like it's summer already. It's not that warm, so it's not even the weather fooling me...it's just like when I went home for Thanksgiving two weeks before the end of the quarter and the next to weeks were HELL because I just wanted to GO HOME. I kind of feel like that, except not as...upset. Just...confused? Like, why am I still here. I dunno.

I've been LJ stalking this girl today. She's this adorable little 16-year-old in the [livejournal.com profile] pinkhair community, and she inspires me. I love the way she dresses, and her hair, etc etc. I love finding inspiring people on the internet. I know it's weird, and if I told anyone not web-savvy they'd think I was completely off but...I dunno. Why is it different finding inspiration from a person than from, say, an artist who I web-"stalk"? People post shit un-friend locked on the internet for a reason. So it's okay. Or, at least. That's what I keep telling myself.

My bangs are turning aqua as I type. It's pretty cool.

summer plans... )

This entry was brought to you by procrastination and omg-why-isn't-it-summer-yet.



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