Oh man, AX was so fun. Like, there were definitely down moments (waiting in line, someone stealing our cow plushie, the whole stupid masquerade), and I wish I was there with more people (not that my brother wasn't an awesome con partner cuz he was!), but it was just SUCH a good time. I love cons in general so much, and AX is just so epic.

On to the OMG MASSIVE PICTURE POST! (but with cute commentary!) )

I love random cosplay pics. A lot of people took our pictures, too! Not like a ridiculous amount, but we were definitely recognized by a lot of people. My brother is all excited about cosplay now, too, so we were like coming up with everything we could think of to do together. He desperately wants to do Gourry from Slayers, but aside from that we were thinking humanoid Mew and Mewtwo and the Normals from Evangelion (Joel as Touji, Me as Hikari aka Class Rep, and KC as Kensuke).

Aside from cosplay...bought some posters, pins, jewelry, just the usual. Got an Anya from Geass cellphone strap and the littlest Nia for my sidekick, so that was sweet. KC got an Asuka figurine that we searched the whole exhibit hall for three days for. Umm...saw Anime Last Comic Standing, which was surprisingly funny. Also Whose Line is it Anime, which was funny too, but a bit repetitive with the 4chan jokes. Lots of things were over 9000 and such. Watched a screening of the Gurren Lagann movie! That was friggin sweet, that movie is so goddamn epic and watching it with a huge crowd who were all super into it was amazing. So much cheering. Also learned that Nia wears white g-string panties from the like head director guy, but I don't think I shall be including that in my cosplay plans. Oh, the masquerade fucking sucked, dude. It was the shittiest masq I have ever been to. Like, there were a few skits that didn't seem too bad...or at least they would have been, if the IT guys hadn't constantly messed up. Wrong music cues, playing something twice, stopping in the middle, speeding it up so it sounded like chipmunks...I mean, dude. Come on. It was just SO unprofessional. The chibi masquerade was better, for goodness's sake! That should never happen at a con as big as AX! It was so stupid. But we left as soon as the skits were done, so we managed to catch most of Last Comic Standing, which made it worth it.

Sooo...yeah. That was AX. Next is Comic Con, which is just an entirely different beast. I thought AX was crowded this year because there were 45,000ish people, but SDCC is maxed out again at 125,000. That is just an absurd number of people. But I'm looking forward to it! My next con is going to be Yaoi con in October. I got Trevor, my wonderful gay library friend, to go with me. He's even going to dress up as Miles Edgeworth from the Phoenix Wright games! I told him he might be mauled (this is a con made up of 85% hetero yaoi fangirls), but he's super excited. So that's sweet. And...yeah. Cons. Gotta lot 'em.



Apr. 18th, 2009 11:20 am
I got a loli valentine! I'm so honored. Oh my gosh. <333333

Also, finished Code Geass last night. It was sort of boring for like the first 10 episodes, then all of the sudden it got kind of awesome, and I watched the rest of the first season (14-25) and the first half of the second season (1-16) in like a two day span right before I got sick. Last night I marathoned 17-25 and omg soooo goooood. It's so sad...all my favorite characters pretty much died. Sigh. But yeah, good.

Also, started reading Kuroshitsuji, finally. Not sure how I like it so far, but I'm only in chapter 3, so we'll see how it goes.

I'm really excited for fanime and AX this year. My brother is going with me! :D Still hoping to pull together a Nia cosplay, but I kind of doubt it. Speaking of Nia, omg, the dollfie stares into my soul. But I kind of want the short-hair Nia. D:


Jul. 22nd, 2008 01:45 pm
So, I had my blood stolen by a doctor the other day and I got my results yesterday. Turns out, I have Almost Dangerously High Cholesterol and Really Need to Work on it. Uggggh. I've learned to cook (sort of) recently, but everything I make is egg and or cheese based and those would be the exact things I need to cut back on. Ugggghhhhh.

In other news, leaving for Comic-Con tomorrow! I'm really excited but picking out clothes has been difficult. It's not like AX where I was just like "Loli! Decora! Cosplay!"...I'm trying to make cute outfits around my geektastic shirts, but I only have three that I like right now. Pfffft.

I've finally given in and am reading Naruto. So far, Kakashi-sensei is my favorite, Sakura is annoying, Naruto is ehh, I'm undecided on Sasuke, and there are a looooooot of side characters. Like, whoa. I'm only on chapter like 95 out of 400 something, so I've got a ways to go but it's something to do when I'm just sitting around. Like right now.

AX pt. 1

Jul. 9th, 2008 09:58 pm
Neruuuuuu )

Cosplaying is fuuuuuun but, even with my little wig and head piece, my neck hurt.
I bought wigs! I am doing this shit! )



Jun. 5th, 2008 01:17 pm
I wanna learn to make cute bento like this )

I made myself a sandwich today, but I didn't have time to do anything cute with it...bento will be one of my goals this summer!

I finished my Buffy paper last night and I <3 it and am so effin' glad its over. Just my oral Friday, then quick write of my history paper, and I'm free! And by free, I of course mean working 20 hours in three days next week...I'm trying to earn as much as I can, while I can. Yogurt Creations and Edwards have both called me to set up interviews, but when I said I was out of town until next Friday they both went, "Oh...well..." and that they'd see. So...yeah. Sucks. Although, honestly, part of me doesn't want a job. I don't want to have to explain why I have to take time off to go to conventions...I'm afraid they either a) won't give me the job because of it, or b) Won't give me the time off and then I won't know what to do at all. My mom said she's pay me to clean the house, but she can only pay so much...we'll see.

In other news, I'm into Death Note right now, particularly the character L. But I know what happens in the end and now I'm half-way through and I don't want to finish because it's sad...


May. 29th, 2008 09:21 pm
I did get a little swag... )

Also, I have been listening to these songs on repeat: caramelldansen, waka laka, motteke! sailor fuku, and dragostea din tei. I think this says a lot about my state of mind.
I will not buy a Yachiru costume on ebay that costs a hundred dollars because I will not wear it, not even to comic con, because Joel will not dress as Zaraki and carry me around on his back no matter how many times I ask him. So I do not need this costume.

I WILL, however, stop punking out and buy myself the loli dress I promised myself at Christmas. I may even buy one of the Baby the Stars Shine Bright ones because I am moderately in love with Baby. I will probably just buy the Cherry Gingham one, yes, even though the pink matching headband is out of stock and I'll have to buy the lavender.

When did I become wapanese again?



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