I spent the whole weekend locked in my room "writing my paper". By which, of course, I mean watching Soul Eater, going out with the Lolis for a bit on Saturday, spending a little time with Elena and them Saturday night, and whining about the fact that Joel stole my car for the weekend. But I did finish my paper! Too bad I still have another one to write that's due on Wednesday. Sigh.

Also, my internet was down all motherf-ing weekend, so I still don't have fanime pics. I will, I promise, but right now I'm at work, and thus no picture access.

I do have access to Angelic Pretty, though! )

Too bad I don't have any money because I had to pay for fanime, still have to pay for AX and Comic Con, my love for sushi and manga often outweigh my need for Lolita because it seems cheaper, and I just bought a new computer. ;_;


May. 12th, 2009 10:49 am

I bought myself a present! I sort of don't have the money right now, but it was a reeeeally good deal and I just could not pass it up. But no movies or eating out for me for...awhile. ;_;

I hate money. Money and school and jobs have been bringing me down lately. I'm usually upbeat this time of year, but I kind of just want to lie in bed and stare out my window all the time right now. Dunno what's wrong with me. I just need to recharge, I suppose. I'm always so busy...
One US dollar to 90.something Japanese Yen. Of course it had to drop that low right when I owe someone 28000 yen. What should have only been about $280 cost me $311. I am NOT buying anything from Japan until the dollar goes back up. Grumble grumble....this is the only time I care about economics, honestly...

In other news, I'm in Santa Cruz just chillaxing in Joel's room. He's in class. I don't have a key, so I can't come back if I leave.


I'm hungry.

I finally finished Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann today; I've been working my way through it since like may. It's not that I didn't love it, cuz I did, but I was busy and then Joel wanted to watch it so I had to wait and....yeah. But now I am done and it is sad. It was EPIC. Let me just say that there is a dude who fights in a robot, that robot fights inside of another bigger robot, and that bigger robot fights inside of another BIGGER robot, which then combines with another EVEN BIGGER robot and they end up being the size of a galaxy literally. I mean, for realsies, EPIC. AND I GET TO SEE THE MOVIE WHEN I GO TO JAPAN!!!!! Also, I am slightly obsessed with this picture.OMG teh hotness!!1!1

In other news, in the words of my brother...

I have defiled my ipod. )

I like how it came out. I bought a bunch of crafting stuff today because I need something to do besides watch anime and wait around for Joel. I'm going to make some mini-hats, decorate a jewelry box, and hopefully make a Loli summer hat. Although, it's been RIDICULOUSLY HARD to find a cute straw hat in this town. But you know what is cute?

Tia's new dress. )

In other news, I'm going to call around to temp agencies tomorrow to see if they need people. I'm not really sure how this temping thing works, but moneyssssss would be nice. I'm doing shockingly well with my limited finances, but comic-con is looming on the horizon and I want to be able to buy as much stuff as humanly possible while I'm in Japan, which means I either need to SAVE LIKE A FIEND or find a source of income.


Mar. 18th, 2008 06:47 pm
The exchange rate is down to 94 Yen = 1 dollar. OMFG. It was 104 Yen = 1 dollar like three weeks ago. This means the dress I just reserved from Meta? 21,800 Yen? Gonna be a lot more than I was expecting. I don't know who to shake my fist at for lowering the dollar, but I shake it at that person! *shakes fist vigorously* ;-;


Apr. 15th, 2007 10:28 pm
Does anyone besides me enjoy looking at real estate listings for the general area where they would like to live when they're grown up? It's getting to that time where I start thinking about grad school (I started thinking about college this time in high school) and that makes me think about what comes after grad school, and I honestly can't decide which sounds more daunting. Real life seems harder, but money wise possibly easier since I'll have an actual job and won't have any sort of tuition to pay for, and grad school tuition is the definition of dauting since my mom won't really be able to help.

Money has been a bit of an issue lately. My brother is going to Cal Poly, officially, but apparently the state of California never received his GPA verification thing, so he's not getting any cal grants as of right now. That is where almost ALL of my money comes from, so my mom is understandably dismayed. I think I might have to start working more and definitely work this summer, instead of taking time off and only going to summer school.

Which, btw, I think I'm going to take some classes at UCSB this summer so I can double major if I decide to stay at SC, which I think I'm going to. When I really looked at the pros and cons of transferring I said...Joel doesn't really want to go anymore, so, fuck it, I'll just go for grad school. And that's the plan, man, at least for now. Whoe knows what I'll want to do in a few months because I have been incredibly fickle as of late.

Anywhoo, I'm off to read Little Women...

stress out

Nov. 8th, 2006 11:14 pm
So, I think I may have to drop out of St. John's Europe trip, even though it mean losing roughy $450. It SUCKS SO MUCH, but I really don't think I can raise the $2,800 or so I still need, what with me not having and probably not getting a job any time soon. So...I have to lose that money. And it sucks. But Courtney is dropping out too...which, I'll admit, aided my decision to drop. The only other person who's going is Lindsey...and, Lindsey? I'm sorry, I really want to go, but I literally can't afford it. And I don't have anyone to lend me the money, and only one of the 12 or so job applications I've sent out have gone anywhere, and that one told me to come back in January. This SUCKS. I hate money.

Lost was pretty hot tonight. That's my one consolation. I guess.




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