Watching SyFy's Alice. It's alright...mostly I'm just enjoying how super, super hot the hatter is, holy jeezus.

Here, enjoy )

Mmmm. I enjoy me some guyliner, what can I say.

Also watched Lady & the Tramp, which was so cute! I'd forgotten how cute it was, I hadn't watched it since I was little. Started to watch the Aristocats, but then I took a shower and got distracted, started Alice.

Lol, it's finals week and I'm watchin' silly TV mini-serieseses and old Disney cartoons instead of studying or writing papers. I r good studentz!



Feb. 20th, 2010 03:26 am
It's really silly how much I miss him even though it hasn't been a full day. Granted, I saw him for a total of like...maybe an hour today? When we said goodbye this morning (during which I was half asleep), and then for a bit this afternoon. Now he's off at home, chillaxing with his parents. The truly silly thing is that part of the reason I'm still awake is that I know sleeping is going to be hard in my cold bed all alone. Silly, right?

Saw Valentine's Day this evening. It was super cute, a lot like Love Actually except substitute Xmas for V Day and British people for Americans. I may have enjoyed it more because I was tipsy, but I still think I would have liked it nontheless.

Also went to Rocky Horror with Miss Julia. Always a good time, although it reminded me how I've wanted to be a tranny for slugs in fishnets since freshman year. Never had the courage though. Maybe if they do a show next quarter...?

Epic tea party tomorrow, really should sleep.

Jeremy came to visit me for three whole days! It was lovely. I took him to my favorite Santa Maria restaraunts and he met my family and he loves Miss Tia! We didn't do a whole lot aside from eat, watch movies, snuggle, and talk, but a) that's all there is to do in SM and b) those are the things I like to do anyway. We watched Jennifer's Body! GO BUY IT, CAME OUT YESTERDAY. I <3 that movie and Jeremy even said it wasn't that bad, cuz he thought it wouldn't be awful and it wasn't, it's AWESOME. Or okay, but I think AWESOME.

Saw Avatar today. I liked it, visually sutnning, blah blah. Mostly I just hated the military jerk guy, hated mankind for what we do to native populations and the Earth, and want to live on a planet that glowwwwwwws. So cool. Jeremy says raves are kinda like that. Maybe I should go to a rave?

I was gonna go back to SC for New Year's, but I think I'm gonna chillax here instead. This break has been pretty fun, but really rather busy and I kinda just want to lock myself in my room and read and marathon anime with my brother.

Speaking of anime marathons! We need a series to marathon for New Year's! Something we can finish in like a day or two, so one season shows are best. Any recommendations?


Sep. 14th, 2009 10:25 pm
+ I am really excited for Fame. I loved the cheestastic 80s original, and I'm sure I'm going to love the new cheestastic version.

+ I realized today all of my favorite Disney heroines growing up were the "sexy" ones: Jasmine, Esmeralda, and Megara. I liked the more princess-y girls, but I wanted to BE the sexy chick. Which is strange, given who I am now, I think. Who were your favorite Disney heroines?

+ Did anyone else think the new New Moon trailer was just a non stop stream of shirtless men? Not that I'm complaining, but whoa.

+ Bought the new Green Day album today. I know it's totally not hip to love them anymore, but Billie Joe still makes my 14 year old punk rock girl heart flutter.

+ Speaking of my 14 year old self, I've been thinking a lot about myself in junior high and high school lately. The room I'm moving back into was my room from babyhood until senior year of high school, plus listening to Green Day is making me flashback. Not in a nostalgic way...just a flashback, contemplative sort of way. I wonder what myself at 12, 15, 17 would think of me now. At 12 I was a huuuuuuge f-ing geek, who acted "normal" during the week, but dressed like a hot topic gawth and watched non stop anime on the weekends. When I was 15 I was punk rock girl with rainbow hair and a hard on for riot grrrl and any female fronted punk/rock bands. At 17 I was a burgeoning hipster kid who listened to exclusively indie music and "cared" about politics. I'm really glad I've "found" myself, and incorporated bits and pieces of all of those personas into who I am now, but it's interesting to look back on my various incarnations. Who were you in the past, flist?

Now I'm off to watch Glee and/or Vampire Diaries. Have a lovely night.
I saw a TERRIBLE movie today. It was Post Grad with Alexis Bledel. I was hoping it would be like a lame light-hearted fun sort of movie, but it was just awful. Even my mom hated it and she never hates any movies. As long as she's entertained, she's good, but this had absolutely no redeeming qualities. It was basically girl graduates college, girl doesn't get job, girl's life starts to fall apart, girl ignores male bff who's in love with her, male bff leaves for columbia, girl gets dream job, girl leaves dream job to follow boy (who she had no romantic interest in before) to New York where she has no job, apartment, or plan. So, basically, it's a much better idea to follow a boy who you don't feel chemistry with but is comfortable allllll the way across the country, rather than working hard and climbing your way up the corporate ladder to a job you've always dreamed of. Because love (that you're settling for) > dream career. Because girls can't have high powered careers, silly. And the girl who gets the job before her and was valedictorian and stuff? Bitchy, stuck up, and gets fired. Because that's what ambition gets you. Urrrrrrrg. Why can't movies about women and careers/education all be like Legally Blonde? Where she works hard, puts men to the side, and accomplishes something for herself? But I guess that's setting too high of standards for Hollywood. Silly me.

What looks like a much better movie is Drew Barrymore's Whip It. Ellen Page, Alia Shawkat, and it's directed by Drew Barrymore? Sounds good to me.

In other, unrelated news: two really cute Loli things!

Baby's Vampire Requiem. Omg, in lavenderrrrr. It doesn't go with my wardrobe, but it's just so pretty!

AP Hello Kitty Collab! I don't love it, so I'm not going to buy it, but it's a lot better than Baby's.

I also can't decide if I like the Friend Usakumya Lillian skirt. I like the yellow and the white, but is it too little kid-ish? I struggle sometimes with the fine line between "child-like" and "child-ish". What do y'all think?
Boys make life so very difficult. But that's all I want to say about that.

So! I saw Bruno last night. It was okay. Not as funny as Borat, by any means, but still amusing. Mostly all I could think the whole time was "How does Isla Fisher put up with being married to this guy?? He's naked all over the place and puts himself in such dangerous situations!" Between insulting Osama Bin Laden to the leader of a terrorist organization (!!) and putting himself in a "cage match" that ended with him making out with his fighting partner (hott) in front of the kind of people who would see a cage match (omg, I was scared for his life and glad there was a cage), I pretty much just felt bad for his wife.

But! There was a trailer for Jennifer's Body. Now, I'm not normally one for horror movies, but I have the BIGGEST girl crush evar on Amanda Seyfried, omgggggg. I know most people are all omg Megan Fox, but I kind of think she looks like a beyotch. Give me Amanda Seyfried, especially in those geektastic glasses anyday, oh man. Also, it was written by Diablo Cody who wrote Juno, so that's exciting.

...and, yeah. Watching HP:GOF on ABC family. RPattz as Cedric is funny now, since he's *~~Edward~~*. Speaking of HP, I am soooo exxxxcited for midnight premier. Squee.
+ Fanime! I totally did not realize it's like weekend after next until people were talking about it at the SF meet this weekend. I'm so excited! I love cons. I'm not cosplaying this year, but seeing everyone's costumes tends to get me excited enough to make something for AX.

+ Candy Violet's Atelier line! Omfg, Vivcore is finally making some of her beautiful period Lolita pieces for public concsumption and, dude, I neeeeeed one. Need.

+ Star Trek! It was amazing. Go see it. There's nothing else I can say.

+ The Princess and the Frog! )Omg. Omg. New actual animated Disney movie. OMG.

This isn't my hair anymore )

Watchmen tonight! I am so excited!

Also, Loli friends, y'all know that [ profile] qcute is offereing Lavender Secret Shop Tea Party replicas for pre-order right now, right? If you want them, e-mail her! She said the quantity is very limited.

OH! And did you guys know that cycle 13 of Ameica's Next Top Model is accepting girls 5'7" and UNDER, ONLY. Omg, y'all have no idea how exciting this is to me! Finally shorties can represent!

Aaaaand it hailed here yesterday. HAIL. In SC. Not normal.


Feb. 9th, 2009 12:22 pm
I went home this weekend. It made me wish I could go home more, but with how busy this quarter is? That is unlikely, unfortunately. Going home this weekend really wasn't a good idea...I have three midterms this week.

Also saw Coraline this weekend. It was absolutely lovely and I recommend it to everyone. Joel wants to name one of our daughters Coraline now. As long as I still get to have Zoey Antoinette, that's fine with me.

Off to make lunch...I'm trying to actually cook instead of eating out for practically every meal. Right now I'm making tuna onigiri with the Hello Kitty molds! I just wish I had bought the Hello Kitty seaweed...they they would actually look like Hello Kitty. Like this.
That's how much sleep I'm running on: four hours. I literally can't remember the last time I got this little sleep; I'm normally very good about that. But I had an interesting? night.

I'll start with the Indiana Jones spoilers. )

Unfortunately, there was much drama surrounding the event. Who was coming and when, who would sit with whom, blah blah. It was stupid. The line was kind of sad; santa maria's midnight movies = waaaaay better. There weren't more than like 20 people until well after 10:30! Wtf! I was concerned we were too late at 8:30, but there was like no one there. So that was a bit unfortunate.

And then my car got locked in the parking garage. )

So now I am out-of-control tired, had to work for 5 hours, have to sit through this class for another 15 minutes or so, when all I want to do is go home and nap. Too abd I have to run errands...ugh.


May. 19th, 2008 05:43 pm
I made a impulse buy... )

In other news, I don't have a lot of homework right now and I don't know what to do with myself. It's too early to get started on my final paper, Japanese has gotten weirdly easy, and Alan is going easy on with the reading this week. Hmmmm.

Saw Prince Caspian. It was good, a bit long, but good and Ben Barnes is hot. Indiana Jones on Wednesday!!
Lolita is a pretty but expensive hobby )

Also, see Iron Man. It was a little slow, but otherwise completely spectacular.


Jan. 27th, 2008 08:49 pm
I am very very hungry.

I've been on the desk for FOUR HOURS. Mostly looking at Lolita stuff that I can never afford enough of, and therefore depressing myself.

Cloverfield at the drive in during a storm was the most amazing experience of my life.

I want to go home and I want Joel to spontaneously be there. We had a crappy weekend, as we always do when I go home, so I want him to be here so we can make up for it cuz we always do.

I need moneys. Blah.
I have been ridiculously chipper today. I got to be on the desk for two seperate hours and I talked to my library work friend and we're going to go see 27 dresses and I convinced one of my boss-ish type people to go see Cloverfield and we talked about Mothra and GOJIRA! and it was pretty exciting, but not exciting enough to demand this run on sentence which is how you can tell I'm a little hyper and very chipper and helpful feeling.

I really have no clue why I feel this way. I've been feeling like crap all week and it is RAINING and FREEZING COLD and I haven't finished all my homework that should have been finished by now, but somehow it all feels okay. Except for my right eye, which doesn't feel okay in fact it hurts and I think I may go to the doctor tomorrow afternoon so they can look at it and tell me if I have an eye disease or maybe a parasite! Omg!

My boss-ish friend-kinda at work made fun of me for saying "btw" outloud today. Whatevs! I'm young! I can use whatever kind of lame slang I want because I am cool like that! Cough.

I'm really excited about going to japan right now, but I am also very stressed out because they want our fall grades and I don't have one of them yet. Prof. Christy jumped on the FAILURE train for that one. James said that his father passed away, so he has an excuse, but its been a month. I have applications due, dude, I need my fucking grade.

...that is all.
I'm watching the Tin Man! Zooey is in it! Kym's first comment: "You do look like her". Lol.

I'm also drinking bad cherry limeade and trying to do Japanese homework. All these things at once are not easy to do.

Golden Compass comes out Friday!


Sep. 30th, 2007 12:37 am
Today I: practiced hiragana for an hour and a half, saw across the universe, failed at setting up wireless internet, and missed joel. Hiragana was fun, across the universe was beautiful and tragic, wirless was frustrating and missing joel is my eternal tragedy.

Now I am watching frida. I love this movie. Salma hayek is one of the most beautiful women in the world.

I'm sort of sad, but I'm not sure why. Across the universe made me cry. I miss joel.


Aug. 16th, 2007 06:10 pm
I am SO bored. I have been sitting in the library waiting for Courtney to get out of class/Elena to get off work for FOUR HOURS. ALL ALONE. AHHHHH.

In other news, I am on the last level of super princess peach, so that's pretty cool. I gonna buy Pokemon diamond or pearl (I haven't decided which yet) soon, as soon as I finish Peach. It's such a funny, the deal is that Mario got kidnapped this time and Peach has to save him, right? So it seems almost feminist-y and nifty. Well, it is nifty, but feminist-y? Peach's powers are a parasol and her EMOTIONS. She can drown things, literally, with her tears. It's uproariously funny.

Hopefully tonight we shall see either Hairspray or Becoming Jane. I heard the latter was sad, so I dunno if I'm in the mood for sadness.

This is SO BORING. I guess I'll go back to reading my Japanese textbook...

I am really excited about Hairspray. Like, really excited. Like, omg. Omggggg.

I got my nails done today by the mean lady and I don't like them. Bahhh.

I got a job! At Target! I get a 10% discount! Yes!

Ok, so I need it to be tomorrow now.


Jul. 4th, 2007 11:54 pm
I'm starting to re-read the Harry Potter books and re-watch the movies. I just finished book one (in one day! I forgot what quick reads they were), and even though it was a little boring (mostly because I've read it so many times and everything is so basic to the canon), it reminded why I love the series so much. It's funny, because when my brother was reading the books when he was in elementary school, I refused to because I was in junior high and those were kid's books! But then my eighth grade English teacher read somr of Goblet of Fire aloud to the class and I decided I needed to see what this Harry Potter nonsense was all about. And then I read all four books in about five days, I believe. I didn't really get into the fandom until senior year of high school, but I've figured out why that is and why I'm not really that into this particular fandom: I'm in love with the world of Harry Potter, as opposed to the characters or even the story. Don't get me wrong, I love the characters and the story, but it's not the sort of thing I get fangirly over. But the world he lives in? Omg. And that's why I started getting fangirly after I discovered that hogwartsishome comm I was in; it put me in the HP world, even if it was just on the internet. It was more about the houses and being a Ravenclaw and earning points and money and trying to become an animagus. And that's the cool stuff.

That was a really long entry about Harry Potter. The book just made me happy. :)

PS Transformers was awesome.
Whyyyy is milo ventimiglia is fergie's new video?? This is just unacceptable. Why, milo, whyyyy.

In other news there is a movie about edith piaf that just came out that I really want to see. It's called "La Vie En Rose" and it's playing at the Palm and I reeeeeally want to see it.

I had a dress up party all by myself yesterday, which was pretty awesome. I'll probably do it again today, which says a lot about how boring my life is right now.



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