Apr. 14th, 2010 03:29 pm
Officially 100% caught up with One Piece! So exciting!! But now Jeremy and I don't know what to watch. I'm downloading Higurashi no Naku Koro ni and Mushishi right now, but I'm totally open to suggestions!

So...anime recommendations?

In other news, I am super sick. My body seems to hate the first few weeks of the quarter, and whenever I get one illness, my already shoddy immune system decides to let in pretty much any other bug that wants to jump on in. So I'm two days into couch/bed rest. Guh.

Also, the new Glee was amazing.


Apr. 1st, 2010 10:43 am
Jeremy and I have been watching absurd amounts of One Piece. We'd been slowly (like 2-4 episodes per week) moving through the series, but then finals were over and neither of us wanted to do anything but lie around and watch something, so we picked One Piece! We've broken the 400 episode mark! We're on Amazon Lily right now, and I'm pretty sure we're gonna catch up to the series within the next few weeks or so. Which is crazy! But exciting. Then I'll just need to catch up on the manga. Woot.

I like the female characters of One Piece )

Soooo yeah. One Piece. It's amazing and I'm so happy that I'm finally catching up! I feel like I can legitimately claim fan-hood now. :3


Oct. 1st, 2009 07:51 pm

It's been awhile )

I've been in kind of a funk lately and I don't even know why. School's started, which I don't mind but I did have to suffer through a week of a class I didn't care about before my independent study got approved. Work is kinda shit because Trevor isn't there, and I'm mostly shelving which gives me wayyy too much time to get lost in the whirpool of my brain. Joel living on campus without a car is posing the same problems it did last year. Japanese is kind of really difficult because native speakers get places into J103, and, obviously, they are at a much higher level than those of us who started Japanese two years ago.

I've mostly been hiding in my room watching hours upon hours of One Piece. I love it so, so much. And I've passed the 250 episode mark! More than half way.

Now to watch Vampire Diaries and then ice cream with Joel. Hopefully it will make me feel better?


Jun. 24th, 2009 06:33 pm
Wow, I have been off the grid as it were for like a solid week. That's EONS for me. My internet at home was down, my internet here has been choppy, and I'm never on desk anymore at work. I'm having withdrawals.

So my "summer", which was all of like 12 days, was all right. Watched a lot of anime, internetted quite a bit, saw Courtney, spent time fighting/talking/making up with Joel. You know...stuff. It was nice to not have anything to do during the day, though. It's been a looooong time since that has been the case.

Now I'm back in Santa Cruz and very alone. Like, during the year I talk extensively to five people: Nicole and Trevor at work, Tiffany in class, Joel on breaks, and Gillian in the evening. Nicole is in LA, Tiffany has graduated and is off in the world, Joel is on his month long coutnry-wide road trip, and Gillian is in New York and then Ireland until July 5th. I still se Trevor at work, but omg I am so alone. It's both nice and terrifying. I don't mind it so much...until it's like 1 AM and I can't sleep because I hear noises. It's not like Gillian being there would make me much safer were someone to break in, but I dunno. I don't like sleeping in a house alone.

Other than the alone thing, work is INTENSE and I don't think I'm going to like the class I'm taking. Work is like 7 straight hours of shelving and sorting. One snack break, one lunch break. We're not supposed to listen to our headphones (everyone does anyway, but I always feel guilty and nervous). Shit is bananas. My class is "personal narratives" where we watch a movie in class, discuss it, watch a movie out of class, write about it, all the while creating our own personal narrative that we must "perform" at the end of the quarter. Fizzuck.

Good things! I'm wearing Lolita for the first time in weeks! Joel has actually been calling/texting me more than once a day! I've made it past the 100 episode mark in One Piece! My Popuri from Harvest Moon costume is coming alone nicely! Anime Expo next weekend! I'm going to indulge in sushi tonight! The lack of buses is making me walk more, and thus I'm actually exercising!

I lead an exciting life.



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