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Work is boring, but heyyyy I get to sit in front of a computer all day. I've been listening to Zelda so much I hear it in the silence. Going to Hawaii in a week! Got passed up for the apartment we wanted, but c'est la vie, gonna go look at two more tomorrow.
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AP tea party today was really nice. I didn't do anything Lolita at Fanime (didn't do much of anything at all, really...this was a weird Fanime), so it was nice to hang with frillies.

I cannot WAIT to get a job so I can afford things again!

A two month span, I believe. )

I miss dressing up. I'm glad winter is almost over, if I come home from work in stifling work lady clothes and it's warm I'll change! When it was cold it was all about sweatpants and a hoodie when I got home.

Not working makes a huge difference in my wardrobe. )

If the accessories at Claire's and some of the stuff I've seen around are any indicator, this Spring is going to have a nice selection of soft, romantic maidenly clothes! I mean, look at this! So lovely. I'm so excited, I would love to pad the otome portion of my wardrobe, and it seems like it's been a QUITE a few seasons since mainstream fashion and I have agreed on ANYTHING.

Anything fashion-y you guys have been excited about lately? :D

In other news, I've started volunteering at the library in Mountain View! It's so lovely working in a library again. The work I'm doing is very far below my skill level (Alphabetizing. Just. Alphabetizing.), but I've always enjoyed even the more mind numbing parts of library work. So organized! Lovely. I've also talked to the circulation supervisor and he's told me that this is the best way to get into a job there. Entry level page work is not much better than volunteer work (and pays $10/hour which is nothing to sneeze at, but you're maxed at 20 hours/week!), BUT it's the best (and often only) way to work your way up in the library hierarchy. The next step up? $20 an hour. Staying in the library field is a good career move. Really, though? I'm still hoping Baby calls me back. :X It's inconveniently far away, part time, and not much of a "career" choice but gahhhhhh it would be such a dream! Maybe I could do both? We'll seeeeeeee what happens.


Jan. 13th, 2011 06:08 pm

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la la la la

Nov. 8th, 2010 07:16 pm
piiiiiiiictures )

It's been kind of a while since I uploaded pics, apparently.
You know you love them )

I've been dressing up a bit lately because I'm feeling the crushing weight of the fact that in the real world, when I get a job, I won't be able to dress like a crazy person every day. Oh well.
I don't have any money right now (not that that is stopping me from buying things), so of course I am compiling a massive list of all the things I wish I could afford.

pretties )

I also really want more blouses in different colors, a pink bolero, colorful tights, a new brown curly wig, and heels that will work with Lolita. It's been too hot to wear Loli much, but I'm really starting to miss it. I hope it cools down soon, I'm so tired of 80-90 degree weather, omg. I also hope that there is a meet up I can go to soon. I love dressing up just to sit around my house (not sarcasm, I really do enjoy living in my own Loli world), but it's been aaaaages since I went to a proper meet! The last Friday ones are always on a day I'm busy. :( I miss everrbody.
There are Europe pics, Concert pics, and vanity pics.

Lots, and shockingly not all of me )

Tomorrow I'm gonna look at apartments with Trevor! And then possibly see Jeremy! And it I don't see Jeremy, then I get to have a slumber party with Trevor and see Jeremy first thing Friday!


I went to the Petite Trianon and Versailles the day before yesterday. I'm a bad Lolita because I didn't wear Loli, but I was channeling trianon!Marie Antoinette and wearing a simpler white dress. The Petite Trianon and the queen's hamlet and gardens were breathtakingly beautiful. Versailles' grandeur is gorgeous, of course, but I love the simple elegance of her private estate and the English style gardens. I wish I could live there. I felt like I'd walked into the movie. I was in heaven.



Jul. 11th, 2010 07:38 pm
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There is very little going on in my life right now. Saw the Airbender movie...it was not horrible, but it was pretty bad. Also saw Despicable Me, which was cute, but a lot of the funny was in the trailers. I got an iphone and I loveses it, but I want a deco'd case.

Ummmm yeah. That's all. Peace.
I stole these from facebook )

I don't want to write any papersssss uggghhhh they're not even hard, I just really really don't want to doooooo iiiiiiiit.

Also, I think I sprained my ankle runnin' around in my Luffy wedges this weekend. It's swollen and hurts like a motherfucker. D:
I take pictures (mostly of myself) with my phone. )

Got wigs in the mail! Nia wig makes me feel like a fairy mermaid cloud princess, but it's tangled ALREADY which does not bode well. The blond wig makes me feel like Elle Woods. :3
emilie_rainbow: (camera)
Lolita Timeline )

I don't feel like my style has evolved that much, really. At least not since I've started taking pictures. It took me about 6 months to figure my shit out, to figure out how to coordinate, but mostly I've just refined in the last 2 years, as opposed to changing a lot. Of course, there was a very brief "gothic lolita" period my Freshman year of college (Winter 05-06), but thank god I took no photos during that time, or at least they have been lost to the ether.

I'm such a baby Loli compared to most people I know. I've known about Loli since like 2003, but only started dressing in 2008..I hit my 2 year anniversary just two months ago. I am glad I've been able to refine and become a good Loli, and made so many wonderful Loli friends. :3

All my posts have been me asking for advice, or ranting about something lately. I think it's time for a pic spam.

Pretty Things )

Not really planning on buying anything right now, o' course. Gonna wait til after fanime...I hope AP brings blouses and boleros and stuff! I've been diggin' tops lately.

What have you guys been wanting lately?

That image is unrelated, but hilarious. Oh, Justin Bieber )

Because Jeremy is surprisingly into images of adorable animals and [livejournal.com profile] palantiriell has been going through a massive puppy phase, I've been thinking a lot about pets lately! I miss my Miss Tia so very much, and I can't wait until I can have a puppy of my very own instead of just visiting one back home!

Click here for adorableness! )

Ohhhh, aminals. I would also like some other creatures (Deer!) as pets, but these are the ones I'm excited about at this moment. Not that I can get a pet any time soon, because any place I'm going to live is probably not going to allow me to have animals, and I'm hoping to go to Japan for up to a year, so what would I do with it then? But it's fun to dream about me, surrounded by foxes and bunnies and fluffy white dogs. Possibly in a garden. Definitely in a white dress.

A few pics thisaway )

I have been ADDICTED to We Heart It lately, my gosh. That's where the top image came from, actually. I check the tags for love, pink, and rainbow pretty much every day, and then just get lost amongst other tags and pretty things. I love that website.

I also love Ke$ha (still! It's not going away!), girl scout cookies, and Jeremy.


Feb. 17th, 2010 08:50 pm

OMG outfit shots!! )

It was so very nice wearing Lolita multiple days in a row. I think I wore Loli 4 out of 5 days, and the one day I didn't was the day of the Great SF Pillow Fight which was epic and awesome, and not completely conducive to Lolita. I always feel so much better about absolutely everything when I'm dressed well.

It also helps that I finished my room at last! )

My room had gotten RIDICULOUS in terms of messiness, and I wasn't happy with the level of decoration. But now it feels complete! If only I could take the doors off my closet...sigh.
Here are some pictures of my face and the faces of some of those who I heart dearly. )

I'm "working on a midterm" right now, hahahahahaaa. I'm taking the class pass no pass sooo yeah, I'm not exactly putting much thought/energy/anything into writing this shizznit.

I'm going to wear Lolita tomorrow. I'm excited. I don't care if it's raining and cold, my life needs color right now.




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