All my posts have been me asking for advice, or ranting about something lately. I think it's time for a pic spam.

Pretty Things )

Not really planning on buying anything right now, o' course. Gonna wait til after fanime...I hope AP brings blouses and boleros and stuff! I've been diggin' tops lately.

What have you guys been wanting lately?


Apr. 25th, 2010 06:59 pm
So my bro is buying some wigs for his upcomin' cosplays, and needs me to buy wigs so he can get free expedited shipping. Which of these do you guys like?

Pink, Straight, Long

Dark Brown, Curly, Long

Purple, Curly, Long

Blue, Curly, Long

Blonde, Straight, Long

These would be for Lolita. There was a secret today about how this person didn't feel like her Loli outfit was COMPLETE without a wig, and I kind of agree, especially, since I tend to be kinda OTT. It really does complete an outfit to have perfect, styled hair. Which my natural hair NEVER is.
In the last few weeks I have bought:

+ 4 pairs of AP socks (jewelry jelly, a pinkxyellow pair, a pinkxblue pair, and a pinkxdark pink pair)
+ Mint Baby JSK (40% off! And my first non-print item EVAR.)
+ A BUNCH of make-up from sephora
+ New Kera
+ Too too expensive deco stickers for my phone (it's gonna be epic, though)
+ This cutsew in mint and this cutsew in lavender (Hopefully they'll still be in stock...)

Also a bid on the sparkling bubble whatsit AP skirt I've wanted forever, and I have Popping Balloons coming eventually. Also considering yellow tea parties, and new pink tea parties cuz mine are thrashed.

As very, very happy as all this money spending is making me...OMFG IT HAS TO STOP I'M OUT OF CONTROL.

I've been in such a Lolita funk lately. We had a very small gathering at our house the other day, and everything I wanted to wear ended up being more fairy-kei than Lolita. I've been much more fairy-kei inspired lately, that and like Weetzie Bat style vintage. Which is all well and good, but it makes me a little bit sad...not really sure why.

However, I am considering a few purchases! Mostly the Dreamy Doll House skirt in mint, or possibly the new "Jewelry Jelly" in mint as well. What I really want is this jumper thing in any color but pink, but a) it's sold out and b) AGAIN with the fairy-kei.

Mostly I've been getting excited about AP's blouses lately, but they never come to Starry Candy Box OR the English site and I don't have a shopping service that I like. And they always seem to be sold out by the time I notice them on the website anyway. :/

So...Loli update time! I love hearing about what all y'all are excited about these days. :D


Aug. 30th, 2009 11:46 pm
When I'm poor is when I want to buy things the most. )

At least I'm looking at the Chinese brands and bodyline? I want to go back to the Baby store, but I seriously can't afford that. Even the stuff I wanted from Bodyline added up to almost $150. Whyyyy must I have such an expensive hobbbyyyyyy.

Also? I am super excited for the movie 9.


Aug. 6th, 2009 07:21 pm
I'm buying posters for the new apartment. <3 When I was going through the ones I had stashed away in a box I realized I haven't bought a new poster since like...freshman year of college? Needless to say, my tastes in art and what I want to have on my walls has changed somewhat. Not drastically, but somewhat. I'm still enamored of impressionism, but not so much into band posters, for example. But, sadly, most of the art I like costs too much. ;_;

For example, Suza Scalora's prints start at $40. All of the Renoir and Degas and even Monet that I like is like $20 plus because I like the more "rare" prints. Boopsie Daisy doesn't even make prints of the photos that I like, and my favorite
Miss Kika is $50. While I plan to indulge myself a little, I can't buy all of these things. At least not if I plan to continue to live in the manner to which I have become accostemed, or buy anything at the Baby opening in a week (omg a week!). So what did I decide to do? Buy super cheap anime prints so my room can look like it did in junior high express my obsession with Japan.

ALSO! Which Enchanted poster?: small but awesome or big but cheesy?
So here are some things I am going to buy!

Miss Kika Mouse pad!

Hello Kitty Mouse!

Hello Kitty Keyboard

And I intend to buy a Miss Kika print, but I can't decide which one I like best. Help me pick! Rococo Dreams is my favorite, but it's twice as much cuz it's not on sale. ;_;

Also, this xkcd comic is so very, very true about TV Tropes. I have literally spent hours on that site. No lie.

I have to go back home to a lack of internets now. Siiiiigh



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