It is super rainy, guys. It's finally starting to let up, but there were flood warnings and thunder and lightning and non-stop rain this weekend. I kind of love it. If it's going to be cold, I at least want it to be able to enjoy the sound and feel of rain.

In other news, Heroes is Awesome. Yes, with a capital A. I'm so happy with the season, it really feels like they are back in form.

Also, Dollhouse, Friday nights, 9 PM, Fox. It's Joss's new show and it's not getting as good of rating as it should be. I'm not sure how in love with it I am yet, but Joss's shows can take time to get on their feet and there has only been one episode. I am intrigued, though.

Yesterday, Joel and I bought about $100 worth of candy at Target, but we only payed $20. After Valentine's Day Sale FTW.
I love the internet. I love fandom. But you know what I love almost as much as the internet and fandom? Getting to talk about BOTH of those things in a LEGITIMATE way for a CLASS. I mean, I've written papers on Buffy, done a presentation on the history of Lolita, but on Tuesday I got to talk about SLASH. :DD

So, this weeks topic in "Images, Power, and Politics: Methods in Visual and Textual Analysis" was Viewers Make Meaning, and one other girl and I got tapped to do a presentation. It wasn't supposed to be a big deal, just define the terms from our chapter, think up some discussion questions, maybe 30 minutes of dialogue, etc. Between the two of us, we took up and hour and 30 minutes. It was kind of amazing. One of our terms was Textual Poaching and my first thought was, omg, fan fiction! So I talk to my professor, and she's like really excited because she knows what fan fiction is AND she watches Heroes, which is the show I decide to talk about. I show a clip from season two and...this. (note: that song is a gift to slash fans, srsly. There were PAGES and PAGES of slash vids for that song. My all time favorite is from Haruhi, though)

It went over well. The people in my class were kind of...incredulous? They didn't know fandom existed, basically, so I schooled them on fandom and slash fic and all that jazz. My professor wanted to know how popular Sylar/Mohinder was within the fandom and I was like, "Well, uh, there's Paire, Petrellicest..." and the class was like "BZUH? Petrellicest??" so I had to show a video of that, too, and then spend a good long time explaining how the world of fandom is often a world for people to...air their kinks? Like how [ profile] mylar_fic (and a lots of other comms...) have tags for non-con (rape, basically) and necrophilia. The second is, um, extreme to say the least, but torture and rape and all that good hot kind of messed up stuff is fairly common. I kept prefacing what I said with "I don't want to scare you away from the internet, but..." Although, I've come to the realization that being a part of fandom from a young age is part of what has given me my open mind about sexuality. I mean, I was reading Taito porn at the tender age of, like, 12. It's just so much a part of internet culture, that it's almost hard not to be accepting of many different forms or sexuality.


Twilight Unicorn Orgasms. Lol, I don't know why its so huge.


Dec. 10th, 2007 07:38 pm
I hate being on desk for more than one hour. I <3 the internet, but not so much at work for some reason. Probably because there is a) no sound and b) I can't click on "not safe for work" links because they are...not safe for work. And when you're going through a Mohinder/Sylar slash obsession, this becomes and issue. Certain 'ships seem to lend themselves to smut, and Mylar is DEFINITELY one of them.

I love having an obsession, and I love reading fic, but every time I stop for awhile and then I come back to it, I forget that most of it SUCKS. People do not know how to write characters believably, slash sometimes plots are just stupid. My least favorite of late have been "Sylar repents! Because he lovs Mohinder! And they raise Molly!" It's just so...never going to happen. And I'm all for AU, but I really can't picture, canonically, Sylar EVER repenting. I can see him going good-ish, but not being all "woe! I regret all the nummy braaains!" I dunno. Slash HE KILLED MOLLY'S PARENTS IN FRONT OF HER. No way is that girl EVER going to get over that enough for him to be one of her two...three...dads. Mylar fluff only works in the distant future or AU. Hot, dirty, angsty smexing...that works any old time. Which is, I think, why the fic tends to be so smutty, lol. That, and Mohinder and Sylar are smokin hot and have the kind of sexual tension you could cut with a knife.

I am having a VERY fangirly moment.

PS! I forgot I wanted to share this video with y'all. I think I could watch it forever and not get tired of it, lol.


Dec. 6th, 2007 12:12 am
So I was browsing the pictures on a Mylar/Sylinder group on facebook, and there were a bunch of pictures of Sim versions of Sylar and Mohinder makin' out and gettin' married and holdin' babies and stuff. I was like, omg, losers making characters and posting the pictures, lulz. Then I remembered that I made a Doctor sim just so my sim could marry him.

...I am so very lame.

Sylar kissed a girl. It was just wrong.

In other news I am siiiiiiiiiiiick.
I had a dream last night that I was on Heroes and Sylar was my boyfriend, but really he just wanted my power, but he also wanted my sex. It was pretty cool. The whole cast was like going around Santa Maria hiding from the "bad guys" and then we went to Sylar's Mom's house, who wasn't dead in my dream, and he introduced me to his family while everyone else hid upstairs til we could leave. Definitely pretty cool, and now I'm all in love with Sylar/Zachary Quinto again. He is so hot, it's kind of ridiculous.

Now I'm chillaxing, doing Japanese homework and watching Lord of the Rings by myself. Joel was supposed to come over but that kid is the definition of anti-punctual, and my family was supposed to go see Enchanted but my kaasan is sick. Sadface.

I've been using Japanese too liberally in my everyday speech. I'm starting to remind myself way to much of me in jr high. No good.
Elena and I just prank called Mr. Bennet's voicemail because we are uber-dorks. I love shows that have outside-the-show tie-ins.
I have been studying for my COMMIE class for HOURS. I HATE IT. It was supposed to be a 1960's world lit class, but, really? It's let make everyone into communists and discount everything that's not communist as evil/bad/unworthy/etc. For instance...the American Revolution? Not really a revolution. Helllloooo, no communism, it can't be a revolution. IT DOES NOT HAVE THE REVOLUTIONARY SPIRIT YOU CAPITALIST ROADER! Argh. And I still have 16 terms to define! That I can't find! And an essay to write! And another to write by Friday on Women in the Middle Ages!


But I <3 Heroes like whoa, even though Peter wasn't in this episode. Sadface.
If you don't watch Heroes, you really should. Really. Especially because most of them are up for free on

Cut in the hopes that you start watching/don't want to be spoiled )
You know, considering how "popular" Christina Aguilera is, there aren't very many LJ communities devoted to her. I just want an icon from the Back to Basics booklet...the pictures were soooo preeeeettyy! Sigh.

In other news, Heroes is cool. Milo Ventimiglia is on it. He is so very, very pretty. Such as in my icon. Even if he is like...30. Damn. Also, there is an indestructable cheerleader who is actually playing a character her own age. It's pretty amazing. And a time-traveling Japanese cutie pie. And the cheerleader's dad sends me text messages. It's like Lost + X-men, so it really can't go wrong.

Also, I'm going to stop doing all of my homework on time. All it does is stress me out, it's not like it NEEDS to be done exactly on time so fuck it. That's what I say, fuck it.

...I'm bored now.
I am so very, very proud...I cooked my first non-instant, non-bland meal! Asian tuna spinach rice thing! It was a little too salty, but omg I cooked something that was actually good from scratch! It's amazing.

Also, Heroes is a cool show and all y'all should watch it.



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