Feb. 11th, 2010 10:57 pm
So I'm kinda tipsy right now because I had to turn in a midterm yesterday and then Jeremy and I were having stupid problems and they're mostly over so I was happy but wanted to redecorate and stay home thusssss bing kinda drunk, cuz that's what I do! That's how I do.

I'm listening to Ke$ha! She makes me want to get wastedface and have sex in public haha. Not really about the second part (kinda) but her lyrics are AMAZING and dirty and silly and you should download her album!

Why Ke$ha is hot and not from Diablo Codyyy's twitter feed! Diablo Cody kinda likes her, too! I just like that she's sto straightforward about being a hot mess and she's like 5 days older than me and talks to her mom about sex like I do! And then she takes yearly trips to the jungle to reconnect with her animal nature, lol, wtf Ke$ha. And she wears so much glitter! Love.

Sorry I'm drunk, y'all.



Sep. 14th, 2009 12:14 am
We are in the process of moving my room from the back, huge room to my old, smaller room and, let me tell you, it is a hassle! We've moved about half of the stuff, but I just have so much junk. I've accumulated wayyyy too many books and knick-knacks over the years, not to mention the fact that I have a whole 'nother room up in SC that is full too. It's going to be lovely when it's finished, but it's a tough road getting there. I'm exicted for the re-decorate, as my old room was all black and hot pink which I loved in high school, but the new room is going to be white, pink gingham and roses. Love.

Watching the VMAs right now. Had absolutely no intention of watching them (I am so out of touch with current music -_-;), but then twitter and facebook like exploded with related updates, so I felt it necessary to catch the replay. Thus far? Katy Perry has gotten SO LAME, I love that Billie Joe Armstrong (of Green Day, who I've seen a bazillion times in concert and have been in love with since I was 14 and still have silly fannish dreams about sometimes) is still happily married to his wife, and I love Russel Brand. I think a lot of people don't like him...I just think he's adorable! Like, it seems like people don't get him and all of his jokes fall flat and he seems so out of his element! But in an adorkable sort of way. I would love to hang out with him.

Anywhoo...I really should be asleep. Peace out.

Oh, and Lady Gaga is CRAZY, but also kind of awesome.
It's raining really, really a lot. Normally, this maks me want to hibernate with a book or a movie/show marathon, but for some reason today I really feel like having an intense gaming session. I haven't played a game hardcore since Twilight Princess came out. I've played Pokemon and Harvest Moon and Super Princess Peach on and off, but I haven't like played all the way through a game in ages. I think I'll finally set up my R4 tonight and play...something. Disgaea, maybe? Or maybe The World Ends With You. I dunno...anyone have any recommendations?

Also, the Coraline soundtrack is perfect for rainy days. Just so you know.

more TTGL

Jul. 14th, 2008 09:40 pm
Joel kind of wants to get this! tattooed on his back. I support this decision cuz omg, gurren-dan symbol.

I want to cosplay as HER so bad it hurts. Later, she gets short hair and this amazing jacket, so I can't decide if I want to do pre- or post-haircut Nia. Pre-haircut gets the cute thingy in her hair, but post- gets the jacket. Omg, the jacket.

I most certainly did not spend many hours going through every single piece of fan-art on Deviant Art tagged Kamina + Simon today. Nope, certainly not. Except that I totally did and here are my favorites: snuggles, little dirty, and lol. The middle one came from facebook and I cant find the artist. >_<

I'm for totes not obsessed, y'all. For sure.

Oh! And y'all should check out the singer of the Gurren Lagann theme song, Shoko Nakagawa because she is the cutest thing ever. Her blog has pictures of her at AX, (including crowd pictures at her concert which I am technically in!) and some cute cosplay. Also, the way she writes in English is exactly how she talked. It was lolarious. <33
I just made a ridiculously long post on my "Lolita Icon" in one of my Lolita communities. The funny thing is that it's not even exhaustive of everything I know. I'm way too interested in her.

IF YOU'RE GOING TO COMMENT ON IT DO IT HERE, NOT ON THAT POST. You will confuse the other Lolis if you post there, lol.

Also! Katy Perry is really cool. Check check check her out.


May. 29th, 2008 09:21 pm
I did get a little swag... )

Also, I have been listening to these songs on repeat: caramelldansen, waka laka, motteke! sailor fuku, and dragostea din tei. I think this says a lot about my state of mind.
So I'm sitting on a bench staring at the ocean because my monarch sanctuary lacks monarchs, listening to music that's more melancholy than I actually am, watching tourists in clothes for much warmer weather than it is, trying to get japanese women out of my head. And I feel really good.

To get away from my attempt at lovely language, I just owned my japanese history test. If I never have to write about the good wife, wise mother ideology (for reference, think cult of domesticity) again, it will be too soon, but at least I rocked it, and with almost no preparation, too. Especially compared to James who had a two page outline in 10pt font. Mine was not even a paragraph. I just rock and roll all night long at japanese women's history. Although, my hand hurts now.

Tomorrow I have my japanese chapter test and then midterm season is over. Break until finals, basically. I can finish New Moon, get through eclipse, and then suffer until the next one comes out this summer. I'm glad Nicole (and now Pollymae!) are reading it at the same time because having someone to obsess with is the greatest gift of all. My next excitement is the Indiana Jones midnight opening, but that whole weekend is like one huge orgy of excitement, Dr. Jones is just the foreplay. Indiana Jones, Fanimecon, my first real Lolita meet-up, and thursday through monday with Joel. <333

My rocking horse shoes came today! They are also ridiculously exciting. I will posts pictures of me in them, cuz they're hard to visualize, but you shall see.

Also, I really, really love the cure. I just thought y'all should know.


Apr. 28th, 2008 10:09 pm
I've had a very pleasant evening to myself. It's Courtney's birthday, so we went out to dinner, but it was rather short because she and the other 21 year olds (minus myself and Elena) were off to bar-hop, so I was home by like 7:30 and I've been taking the time to myself, since I was productive and got everything I needed to done as soon as I got home from school.

I've cleaned, grocery shopped, painted my nails, showered, made flashcards, internetted, and now I'm going to read Twilight. Which is pretty good, by the way. Written for high school-ish aged people, but if you can get past that it's interesting. Although, the vampire has yet to literally sparkle, as I hear he does, so we'll see what happens. Right now he's just inhumanly beautiful and too interested in the main girl, so we'll see where it goes.

Oh! And the Cloverfield theme song "Roar!" is finally available on itunes! It's pretty amazing.


Apr. 13th, 2008 05:34 pm
Bessa by Tilly and the Wall )

I normally hate song lyric posts, but this is such a pretty song.

I'm really ready for it to be summer and for me to be in Santa Maria, with Joel and my family and anyone else who's going to be there. I'm really done with school, and it's only the second week, so this is rather bad news. At least this quarter is easy, I suppose.

I'm okay, really, it's just so hard on the days we leave each other. I thought it would get easier eventually, and it has, I guess, but it's still not easy. But we have 39 days left, and then it's over for good.

teh kraken

May. 18th, 2007 11:45 pm

They're watching Pirates 2 down stairs and I just heard it and needed to share that.


Apr. 25th, 2007 03:54 pm
The Fratelli's are singing to meeeee...

I think I'm finally going to buy myself a sidekick! Yay! Now I just have to decide if I want an sk3, sk2, or sk id. And if I'm gonna do prepaid. But, yay, sidekick!
So...I saw Legally Blonde: The Musical this weekend and, omg? Amazing. Although, honestly, it would have to be really bad for me to not like it because Legally Blonde + musical? What in that equation could I not like?

Y'all should all go listen to the opening song on my myspae. Oh my god, omigod you guys!
AFI rocked my socks clean off.

Davey Havok is preeeeetty. ♥



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