Feb. 3rd, 2012

I am having way too much fun planning costumes/outfits for raves that I might not even be going to right now. I've been to a total of THREE electronic music events now! Hopefully my fourth will be next Saturday, and then fifth will be in March. Trying to decide between a bit smaller, but still big and local or huge production but in LA. Both have about equally weighty pros and cons, but I'm leaning towards the one in LA because it's ON my birthday, and I'd get to see Jessi!

Rave clothes are so different from how I dress normally. Like, it's still all about COLOR and FUN, but it's sooo much more revealing. I could go the phat pants route and dress like a 90's old school raver, but I actually like the kinda slutastic creativity you can get out of the new rave girl look. Most girls (from my limited experience) do the basic bra/pasties, hot pants/underwear, fluffies, and a spirit hood thang, but I've also seen a lot of really creative and impressive hand made stuff! Like, look at these ladies' etsy: Framptastic. Soooo coooool. I can't decide if I want to just buy from them (easier) or make my own fancy bras by gluing random sparkly shit and flowers to a regular bra. I will probably buy one because I am lazy. Also I can get ones that have LEDs built in! Look at the glowing... oooh. Anyway, I actually like the opportunity to dress kinda slutty. I never really do, and it makes me feel good about my body. I tend to not dress sexier because I don't want to come of as slutty, but at events like these there is no way in hell my toned down style can even compare, so I feel comfortable in that my overexposure is still underexposure given the context.

After March, we have like three possible event in April, but two are on Tuesdays which SUCKS, and the third is a dude we've already seen (Nero is awesome, though, so we might go anyway). I don't think we have anything in May, but Fanime is that month anyway so that will take up a lot of my time/mental energy. Then it's time for EDC in June!!! I am so friggin' excited. I mean, look at this crazyness! Here, have another. Who WOULDN'T be excited about that?? We already have our tickets and hotel booked, just need to get airfare. <3

The only thing that makes me a bit sad about raving is that I don't have any friends who are into it (except you, Kristin, but you're far far away). I love going with Jeremy, we have such a good time and dance and it's awesome. But when you start reading raver blogs and stuff, everyone talks about their raver families and going with friends and I would like that experience. I know if I tried, I could probably make friends there, but I'm so shy at those sorts of things. :X It's like at cons, everyone makes so many friends and I just don't understand how! I'm such a socially awkward penguin, it's really difficult for me to come out of my shell sometimes. Sigh.

Oh well, it's still all very exciting. :D



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