Jan. 7th, 2013

ALA was mostly...not boring, exactly, but just quiet. Went to bed early-ish most nights because I had a cold, just wandered around, spent some time watching Tangled cuz why not, enjoyed chillin' with friendlies.

Then Saturday night. Saturday. Night.

Right as we're about to head out, the Pokemon Men randomly showed up at a door saying they'd been directed to OUR room, in particular, to put on a show.


And they they left and we had no idea how or why that happened. After that we went to the super lame dance, talked to a bunch of people, and then befriended the Aang who we see all the time and who always looks so happy! His name was Alvin and he let/made/we-were-drunk-and-sometimes-stuff-just-happens us pet his smooth legs, which he'd shaved for his costume. We also befriended Gaston! Who sang! And then Alvin invited us to talk to Sokka (who was fun Sokka we also see all the time!) and we all chatted and then all of the sudden they wanted us to grab their butts? A lot? Why so much ass this evening? I was 100% okay with it, happy even, but again WHAT IS HAPPENING, THE AVATAR IS MAKING ME GRAB SOKKA (WHO WAS WEARING A KIGU YET STILL DISTICNTLY SOKKA)'S BUTT. How did I end up grabbing these dudes' butts. What is life.

They sadly did not know parties, so eventually we just wandered away and ended up at a suite party being thrown by a voice actor? Apparently? I dunno, I got tired and went home cuz it was kind of lame and what was going to top so much butt grabbing.



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