May. 14th, 2013

I want

May. 14th, 2013 10:05 pm

I want a corgi, pug, and Maltese army, with a goofy pit bull that tries to play but is too big and silly.

I want a Pygmy goat and a rabbit.

I want a house with a big enough yard that I can have a rabbit and a goat and four dogs.

I want to grind to dubstep in my wedding dress and be so deliriously happy that I do not care at all that my family is watching.

I want Jeremy to move to Japan next year.

I want to live in a cute little apartment with him and be kinda housewifey and go for walks and sit in parks and go on trips to hot springs.

I want to get laid before I see Jeremy again and my feelings make me not want to have sex with anyone else.

I want to start exercising again.

I want to start cooking more.

I want to start gardening.

I want to start a sex blog and a fashion blog.

I want to go dancing to music I actually like and feel like the fucking HBIC sex goddess good music makes me feel like.

I want to go to Shambhala in Canada or Electric Forest in Michigan, or any rave/festival where they make a forest into an electric neon wonderland.

I think I might want to be a school librarian. Maybe.

I want to be a mom. Someday.

I want to go to south east Asia.

I want to go to Eastern Europe.

I want to go to the UK with Bill and Rich so they can take me to a proper wharehouse party.

I want to dye my hair again.

I want to wear heels more often.



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