Apr. 14th, 2010 03:29 pm
Officially 100% caught up with One Piece! So exciting!! But now Jeremy and I don't know what to watch. I'm downloading Higurashi no Naku Koro ni and Mushishi right now, but I'm totally open to suggestions!

So...anime recommendations?

In other news, I am super sick. My body seems to hate the first few weeks of the quarter, and whenever I get one illness, my already shoddy immune system decides to let in pretty much any other bug that wants to jump on in. So I'm two days into couch/bed rest. Guh.

Also, the new Glee was amazing.
I keep having to school my friends/co-workers on the ways and terminologies of fandom. Good practice for my senior thesis? Hellz yes.

The writing on his arm: shopped or real? If it's real, then Robert Pattinson posts on 4chan and my love for him will be increased about 100 fold. If it's shopped...meh.

List o' famous people who supposedly like anime, courtesy of /cgl. Mostly it's like Miyazaki and Akira which don't really count, but there's also a lot of Death Note and ANDREW WK LIKES GURREN LAGANN. ROCK ON.

We talked about dildos and the L Word today in class.

That's all.
Oh man, AX was so fun. Like, there were definitely down moments (waiting in line, someone stealing our cow plushie, the whole stupid masquerade), and I wish I was there with more people (not that my brother wasn't an awesome con partner cuz he was!), but it was just SUCH a good time. I love cons in general so much, and AX is just so epic.

On to the OMG MASSIVE PICTURE POST! (but with cute commentary!) )

I love random cosplay pics. A lot of people took our pictures, too! Not like a ridiculous amount, but we were definitely recognized by a lot of people. My brother is all excited about cosplay now, too, so we were like coming up with everything we could think of to do together. He desperately wants to do Gourry from Slayers, but aside from that we were thinking humanoid Mew and Mewtwo and the Normals from Evangelion (Joel as Touji, Me as Hikari aka Class Rep, and KC as Kensuke).

Aside from cosplay...bought some posters, pins, jewelry, just the usual. Got an Anya from Geass cellphone strap and the littlest Nia for my sidekick, so that was sweet. KC got an Asuka figurine that we searched the whole exhibit hall for three days for. Umm...saw Anime Last Comic Standing, which was surprisingly funny. Also Whose Line is it Anime, which was funny too, but a bit repetitive with the 4chan jokes. Lots of things were over 9000 and such. Watched a screening of the Gurren Lagann movie! That was friggin sweet, that movie is so goddamn epic and watching it with a huge crowd who were all super into it was amazing. So much cheering. Also learned that Nia wears white g-string panties from the like head director guy, but I don't think I shall be including that in my cosplay plans. Oh, the masquerade fucking sucked, dude. It was the shittiest masq I have ever been to. Like, there were a few skits that didn't seem too bad...or at least they would have been, if the IT guys hadn't constantly messed up. Wrong music cues, playing something twice, stopping in the middle, speeding it up so it sounded like chipmunks...I mean, dude. Come on. It was just SO unprofessional. The chibi masquerade was better, for goodness's sake! That should never happen at a con as big as AX! It was so stupid. But we left as soon as the skits were done, so we managed to catch most of Last Comic Standing, which made it worth it.

Sooo...yeah. That was AX. Next is Comic Con, which is just an entirely different beast. I thought AX was crowded this year because there were 45,000ish people, but SDCC is maxed out again at 125,000. That is just an absurd number of people. But I'm looking forward to it! My next con is going to be Yaoi con in October. I got Trevor, my wonderful gay library friend, to go with me. He's even going to dress up as Miles Edgeworth from the Phoenix Wright games! I told him he might be mauled (this is a con made up of 85% hetero yaoi fangirls), but he's super excited. So that's sweet. And...yeah. Cons. Gotta lot 'em.



Jun. 7th, 2009 07:05 pm
Guys, I am trippin'. I keep having these like intensely depressed moments for absolutely no reason and it's bugging me. I'm not espcially unhappy right now, I don't have anything in particular to be unhappy about except for minor school woes, being a little lonely, and being a little poor. I know part of it is that I don't eat in short enough intervals and my blood sugar drops, but I don't know. This is like intense depression. Maybe I'm picking it up from people? A lot of folk are freaking out right now because of graduation and stuff. Everyone seems to be having a little bit of an "I don't know what I'm doing with my life!!" crisis, maybe I'm absorbing that, even though I've got another year before I need to freak.

In other news I'm hella stressed about my Japanese skit, but all I have is that, a super easy take home final, and work this week so that's nice. And then I actually have a week and a half off! And I get to see Jessi! And relax! And chill with my brother! And sleep in!

I've also been watching One Piece. I'm past the 50 episode mark! Of course there are like 500 episodes, so that's really not saying a lot, but I'm still excited. I <3 Luffy.

And I've been spending waaaay to much stupid waste of my life time on /cgl/. I went on looking for pics of fanime and I like haven't gotten off. Wtf, self. WTF. But I'm kind of annoyed by all the Loli drama that goes on there. Like, I remember hearing that shit went down on /cgl/, but every time I'd go there, there wouldn't be anything even remotely Loli related. But now freaking every other thread is such and such is fugly, such and such can't really be that nice, such and such is a ho.Keep it on gettoffegl, people, seriously. It just really reminds me of this lovely macro: Normal person + anonymity + audience. Seriously.


May. 26th, 2009 08:58 pm
Well, fanime was awesome. I will (eventually...) post pics of my purchases and some of the cosplay I saw (those are up on facebook!), but I need to edit them to size and blah blah. But it was amazing for the following reasons:

+ Got to hang out with and meet a bunch of awesome Lolis
+ Got to buy prints/meet two of my favorite Gurren Lagann Deviant Artists: tehryu and 021
+ Saw naked!Kamina
+ Masquerade = waaaaay better than last year. For example, Pokemon skit of Epic Awesomeness.
+ Welcome to the Game, children. As annoying as this nonsense can get, the nerdy parts of my soul kind of love it.
+ Totally inspired for Anime Expo now.

Speaking of Anime Expo...Cosplay suggestions? )

Well, I'm supposed to be working on Japanese stuff right now. All I want to do is watch Soul Eater or Zero no Tsukaima, but what're you gonna do.

speaking of Zero no Tsukaima, there was a good masquearde skit for that, too.


Apr. 18th, 2009 11:20 am
I got a loli valentine! I'm so honored. Oh my gosh. <333333

Also, finished Code Geass last night. It was sort of boring for like the first 10 episodes, then all of the sudden it got kind of awesome, and I watched the rest of the first season (14-25) and the first half of the second season (1-16) in like a two day span right before I got sick. Last night I marathoned 17-25 and omg soooo goooood. It's so sad...all my favorite characters pretty much died. Sigh. But yeah, good.

Also, started reading Kuroshitsuji, finally. Not sure how I like it so far, but I'm only in chapter 3, so we'll see how it goes.

I'm really excited for fanime and AX this year. My brother is going with me! :D Still hoping to pull together a Nia cosplay, but I kind of doubt it. Speaking of Nia, omg, the dollfie stares into my soul. But I kind of want the short-hair Nia. D:


Oct. 20th, 2008 08:20 pm
I'm ready for it to feel like autumn now, Japan. Come on, I was promised like SNOW and it's almost the end of October and it's still not even cold. We're watching Ringu in class on Wednesday, it's time for Halloween weather. Hmph.

I'm thinking about buying these boots in pink. That's not a very good picture, but trust me, they are adorable. Or I can buy these boots for about $80 less. BUT! They are not as high quality, and I would also have to pay shipping. And I can't try them on. Or I can spend A LOT less and get non-Loli pink boots such as these, which I have been wanting FOREVER and can actually wear with mother things. I'm going through a boot phase. I think it's because everyone and their other here is wearing boots right now. I think I am going to buy a pair of black mid-calf or below-the-knee boots because my River Tam boots are almost dead. Sadface. I might also buy ankle boots, but I'm not sure about those because they would go with less. We shall see what I find.

Banana chocolate is amazing. So it raw egg udon in soba sauce with green onions. And Amanda Palmer's "I google you". And D.Gray-man, even though it's sort of derivative of Full Metal Alchemist. And Gossip Girl! In the kind of horrible sense of amazing. But Chuck and Blair are love.
I bought wigs! I am doing this shit! )

...fandom herpes. I will be fine for so long and then all of the sudden: OUTBREAK! Like, it actually physically hurts me at the very beginning of my obsession, then when I get enough of whatever it is, the pain starts to go away and I feel semi-normal again.

Spike Spiegel is hotttt. Cowboy Bebop is like a totally old show that I have known about forever, then I have one kinda sexy dream about the characters and all of the sudden I have to buy the boxset with one day shipping. I spent waaay to much on this, but I needed it, and that is how my disease goes.

stop it

Apr. 14th, 2008 06:24 pm
Chelsea, stop looking for pictures of Spike Spiegel and start doing your outline. You aren't going to have time tomorrow, Nicole is going to be here in like half an hour, and he is not that important! You've only seen three episodes of the damn show, and that was like seven years ago! So wait for them to download and stop letting a dream-based obsession derail you from your schoolwork!

...that's right, I just wrote this entry in the third(?) person. Whattre you gonna do about it, huh, punk??



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