May. 22nd, 2010 09:34 am
+ Today I am seeing the GLEE cast LIVE in concert in LA. ZOMG so excited. Also, I'm staying at my friends and she's in the shower right now, listening to N*sync, lol.

+ FANIME IS IN LESS THAN A WEEK ASDFGHJKL;! I am RIDICULOUSLY excited. Last night I had a dream that I left my Lolita stuff in Santa Cruz though, and I was very stressed out. I also missed the first VIP event in the dream and I cried because it. T_T

+ SPEAKING of Lolita, OMG FANTAISIES DANS LE WHATEVER THE HELL IT'S CALLED. I was already excited just generally cuz omg the GLB and Kera, but now I have a VIP ticket and ahhhhhh. I need to plan out my outfits! And put together my hime loli outfit for the fashion show. I have to work on making it less sweet...hmmmm.

+ I am SO excited to cosplay One Piece with my brother, his GF, and Jeremy! (Although Jeremy's Zoro costume is not even close to done and I'm starting to stress about it. D:) Also, my Luffy is kind of shit compared to my bro and his GF's Sanji and Nami. And I'm a little worried about doing a really basic rule 63 at a big con like Fanime...I'm worried people with judge me ;_;

+After Fanime I have to start working on my final projects for school...ugh. But then Jeremy's birthday! But then...holy, shit, I am graduating from college and my boyfriend is going away for 2 months to live in another country. I do not know what the emoticon for this feeling is.
I take pictures (mostly of myself) with my phone. )

Got wigs in the mail! Nia wig makes me feel like a fairy mermaid cloud princess, but it's tangled ALREADY which does not bode well. The blond wig makes me feel like Elle Woods. :3


Apr. 1st, 2010 10:43 am
Jeremy and I have been watching absurd amounts of One Piece. We'd been slowly (like 2-4 episodes per week) moving through the series, but then finals were over and neither of us wanted to do anything but lie around and watch something, so we picked One Piece! We've broken the 400 episode mark! We're on Amazon Lily right now, and I'm pretty sure we're gonna catch up to the series within the next few weeks or so. Which is crazy! But exciting. Then I'll just need to catch up on the manga. Woot.

I like the female characters of One Piece )

Soooo yeah. One Piece. It's amazing and I'm so happy that I'm finally catching up! I feel like I can legitimately claim fan-hood now. :3
Thinking about ALA cosplay. Don't have a lot of time, considering it's less than a month away now, so I was trying to think of something relatively easy. Andrea is doing a Venusaur gijinka, so I was thinking of maybe doing that, too. Although not Venusaur, I leave the awesomeness to Andrea. :D

So I was going through Bulbapedia, lookin' for pink pokemans and here's what I've come up with.

Cherrim (the cherry blossom pieces could make a fun dress!)

Clefable (exciting wings!)

Jigglypuff (A classic)

Mew (my bro could do Mewtwo)

Skitty (who doesn't love a catgirl?)

Sooo yeah. I was also thinking maybe Mimi from Digimon, but I am concerned about finding her boots. But we'll seeeeee.

Back to watching Jeremy play Assassin's Creed II. I have learned to enjoy watching boy's play video games, a useful skill I picked up through years of my brother getting all the gaming systems for Xmas and me getting strategy guides because YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO TOUCH KC'S NINTENDO, GTFO.

Oh man, AX was so fun. Like, there were definitely down moments (waiting in line, someone stealing our cow plushie, the whole stupid masquerade), and I wish I was there with more people (not that my brother wasn't an awesome con partner cuz he was!), but it was just SUCH a good time. I love cons in general so much, and AX is just so epic.

On to the OMG MASSIVE PICTURE POST! (but with cute commentary!) )

I love random cosplay pics. A lot of people took our pictures, too! Not like a ridiculous amount, but we were definitely recognized by a lot of people. My brother is all excited about cosplay now, too, so we were like coming up with everything we could think of to do together. He desperately wants to do Gourry from Slayers, but aside from that we were thinking humanoid Mew and Mewtwo and the Normals from Evangelion (Joel as Touji, Me as Hikari aka Class Rep, and KC as Kensuke).

Aside from cosplay...bought some posters, pins, jewelry, just the usual. Got an Anya from Geass cellphone strap and the littlest Nia for my sidekick, so that was sweet. KC got an Asuka figurine that we searched the whole exhibit hall for three days for. Umm...saw Anime Last Comic Standing, which was surprisingly funny. Also Whose Line is it Anime, which was funny too, but a bit repetitive with the 4chan jokes. Lots of things were over 9000 and such. Watched a screening of the Gurren Lagann movie! That was friggin sweet, that movie is so goddamn epic and watching it with a huge crowd who were all super into it was amazing. So much cheering. Also learned that Nia wears white g-string panties from the like head director guy, but I don't think I shall be including that in my cosplay plans. Oh, the masquerade fucking sucked, dude. It was the shittiest masq I have ever been to. Like, there were a few skits that didn't seem too bad...or at least they would have been, if the IT guys hadn't constantly messed up. Wrong music cues, playing something twice, stopping in the middle, speeding it up so it sounded like chipmunks...I mean, dude. Come on. It was just SO unprofessional. The chibi masquerade was better, for goodness's sake! That should never happen at a con as big as AX! It was so stupid. But we left as soon as the skits were done, so we managed to catch most of Last Comic Standing, which made it worth it.

Sooo...yeah. That was AX. Next is Comic Con, which is just an entirely different beast. I thought AX was crowded this year because there were 45,000ish people, but SDCC is maxed out again at 125,000. That is just an absurd number of people. But I'm looking forward to it! My next con is going to be Yaoi con in October. I got Trevor, my wonderful gay library friend, to go with me. He's even going to dress up as Miles Edgeworth from the Phoenix Wright games! I told him he might be mauled (this is a con made up of 85% hetero yaoi fangirls), but he's super excited. So that's sweet. And...yeah. Cons. Gotta lot 'em.



Jun. 24th, 2009 06:33 pm
Wow, I have been off the grid as it were for like a solid week. That's EONS for me. My internet at home was down, my internet here has been choppy, and I'm never on desk anymore at work. I'm having withdrawals.

So my "summer", which was all of like 12 days, was all right. Watched a lot of anime, internetted quite a bit, saw Courtney, spent time fighting/talking/making up with Joel. You know...stuff. It was nice to not have anything to do during the day, though. It's been a looooong time since that has been the case.

Now I'm back in Santa Cruz and very alone. Like, during the year I talk extensively to five people: Nicole and Trevor at work, Tiffany in class, Joel on breaks, and Gillian in the evening. Nicole is in LA, Tiffany has graduated and is off in the world, Joel is on his month long coutnry-wide road trip, and Gillian is in New York and then Ireland until July 5th. I still se Trevor at work, but omg I am so alone. It's both nice and terrifying. I don't mind it so much...until it's like 1 AM and I can't sleep because I hear noises. It's not like Gillian being there would make me much safer were someone to break in, but I dunno. I don't like sleeping in a house alone.

Other than the alone thing, work is INTENSE and I don't think I'm going to like the class I'm taking. Work is like 7 straight hours of shelving and sorting. One snack break, one lunch break. We're not supposed to listen to our headphones (everyone does anyway, but I always feel guilty and nervous). Shit is bananas. My class is "personal narratives" where we watch a movie in class, discuss it, watch a movie out of class, write about it, all the while creating our own personal narrative that we must "perform" at the end of the quarter. Fizzuck.

Good things! I'm wearing Lolita for the first time in weeks! Joel has actually been calling/texting me more than once a day! I've made it past the 100 episode mark in One Piece! My Popuri from Harvest Moon costume is coming alone nicely! Anime Expo next weekend! I'm going to indulge in sushi tonight! The lack of buses is making me walk more, and thus I'm actually exercising!

I lead an exciting life.



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